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December 2, 2013

Quickie: Lizzy Caplan is bringing feminism back

I was flipping through the November 21 issue of Rolling Stone yesterday and saw a Q&A with Lizzy Caplan, star Showtime's much-talked-about series Masters of Sex. I've been a fan of Caplan's acting for a long time (ever since Freaks and Geeks to be honest, but also loved her in True Blood, Bachelorette and of course, Mean Girls) so of course, I'm happy that she's getting a chance to play a meaty role like Virgina Johnson in Masters of Sex.

After reading her Q&A I have to admit I love her even more. After Rob Tannenbaum baited her with "warning" about feminism, she didn't succumb to the usual misunderstood feminism-bashing that too many female stars have been doing lately:
The show takes place in 1956. Were you surprised by the differences between sexuality then and now?

Yes. It's strange to realize how much of my modern outlook on female sexuality was informed by a woman and a team of scientists I had not heard of. The world saw female sexuality as problematic and nowhere near as important as male sexuality. It's funny to think about [William] Masters [played by Michael Sheen] as a feminist icon, but he sort of is. It's certainly not what he set out to do, but the science, the truth, set a lot of women free.

Then again, a lot of the public reaction to your show has amounted to "OMG, boobies!" Maybe we aren't as sophisticated today as we think.

Big-time. It's glaringly obvious to me. Just the word "sex" makes people uncomfortable in America. I thought we might go through a period of people saying, "Oh, my God, this is exploiting women, look at all these breasts! It's just smut and porn." But people quickly figured out that it really is a feminist show and not just an excuse to show a bunch of titties. 

Careful. If you say it's a feminist show, some people won't watch.

But it's a feminist show with lots of boobies, so it's a win-win! And I've taken it upon myself to make "feminism" not a dirty word.
I'm not going to comment on whether Masters of Sex truly is a feminist show and I'm sure Caplan is an imperfect human being (like all human beings) so I won't necessarily put her up on a pedestal as a beacon of feminism based on one line... but I will say that making feminism not a dirty word is a great goal and I applaud her for owning the word, when so many others are afraid to do so.

November 28, 2013

I Read While He Plays Video Games...

We know that we left the 'I Read While He Plays Video Games' comic site untouched for quite a while... well, your requests have been answered! It's a Thanksgiving miracle! Starting soon, we will be tying up all those loose ends and posting the final comics in the series.

Yes, we said "final".

After we learned that people liked the comic, it grew and included more characters and more situations, which have spun off into other comics and stories. As much as we loved this series, we wanted to move on from the "based on truth" concept (since it hasn't been in so long) and felt it was time to put the relationship to bed. While "I Read While He Plays Video Games" will never die completely, we do not have any specific upcoming plans for this particular strip in the near future.

So we have moved all of the old comics over to the brand-spankin' new website ESCcomics.com and will be releasing the final comics shortly. (Every good story needs an ending.) We hope you enjoy the final moments between our crazy, unnamed couple.

In the meantime, check out the archive of the previously published 'I Read While He Plays Video Games' series here and as a special Thanksgiving treat here is a special NEVER BEFORE SEEN strip!

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for your support all these years!

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November 7, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Lil' Lilith and the F-Word

Even though Evil Slutopia is VERY far from a "Mommy Blog", I am a mom and I've written about my daughter Lil' Lilith quite a bit on here... (She has even written the occasional guest blog!) But now she is officially a teenager - not even a "tween" anymore - and it's kind of hard to still call her "Lil' Lilith" when she's as tall as I am and we wear the same size clothing.

I was inspired by a blog post that Don't Speak Whinese tweeted today... "WTF Did You Say!? About Curse Words, You Tube and My Little Ponies" to reminisce about my daughter's good old cursing days. So even though she's as big as I am - and will probably be taller than me within a year - I thought I'd celebrate Throwback Thursday by sharing a few of my favorite inappropriate memories of her.

I believe her first "curse" word was "friggin" which isn't really even a curse, except for the fact that she was two. She looked out the window and told her grandfather to "look at that friggin' squirrel." (Turns out she had heard him complain to me so often about the squirrels that were stealing from his bird feeders that she thought that was the actual name of that specific animal:"Friggin' Squirrels".) 

It was at that point I decided to just let her curse. I think curse words are just words and what really matters is the context. (Note: I don't confuse curse words with slurs which are never acceptable. Of course, I do believe in reclaiming language - like the word "slut" - but certain words aren't ours to reclaim. Just for the record.) I wanted her to understand that it isn't necessarily the curse words that are "bad" but just that there's a time and a place. I wanted her to know what the words were, what they meant, and when not to use them. For example, she couldn't say them at school, she wasn't allowed to teach them to her friends with less liberal parents, she wasn't allowed to say them to her great-grandmother, etc. But otherwise, they were fine.

We would pick one word at a time, I would explain it's meaning and usage, she would say it about a million times in a row and then the novelty would wear off and she rarely said it ever again. It was a pretty good system. When she learned the word "crap" she called up all of my friends and sang them "Crappy Birthday". (Jezebel can attest to this, I think she got one of those calls.)

In Pre-K, she came home from school and insisted that her teacher had said the word "shit" in class. She claimed that her teacher had said "David forgot his shit."
Lil' Lilith: She said Shit! She said "David forgot his shit"!
Mama Lilith: Are you sure?
Lil' Lilith: Yes! She said that David forgot his "helper shit."
Mama Lilith: Wait, was today David's turn to be Class Helper?
Lil' Lilith: Yes! He forgot to help though!
Mama Lilith: Did she say "shift"? Helper shift?
Lil' Lilith: Oh... she might have said "shift". I know it started with "shhh".
My favorite potty-mouth memory though was one day she was in the backyard playing with two friends and I overheard them arguing over what the F-word was. One girl didn't know what it was and the other said she did but she wasn't allowed to say it.
Lil' Lilith: You can just whisper it to us, we won't tell anyone.
Friend 1: But God will know.
Lil' Lilith: I'll just ask my mom later.
Later she asked me...
Lil' Lilith: What's the F-word? I think I know what it is but I'm not sure.
Mama Lilith: What do you think it is?

I was actually impressed that she mastered a compound curse-word. I always told her that curses are not "bad words" they're just "grownup words" and since she wasn't a grownup she was only allowed to use grownup words with my permission. Now that she's practically a grownup (or at least looks like one) she still curses - although still not at school and not in front of her great-grandma - but but it's less cute than it used to be. (Lil' Lilith if you're reading this - sorry, but it's true, your cursing was cuter when you were little. But I still love ya.)

October 25, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Bye Bye Bonnie

On last night's episode of The Vampire Diaries, Bonnie is still dead, Stefan has amnesia and Damon is pissed off at somebody. Also, find out what happens to this dude...

October 22, 2013

Once Upon A Time... There Were Lots of White People

We recently wrote about Once Upon A Time's first LGBT character, Mulan, and realized that Mulan is also one of the few minority characters on the show. So we thought about it and we had trouble naming more than a handful of characters of color from Storybrooke or anywhere else in the OUAT-universe.

 Sir Lancelot was portrayed by Sinqua Walls

October 18, 2013

The Vampire Diaries Recap: Original Sin

In this episode of The Vampire Diaries, Damon and the doppelgangers go on a road trip, Stefan spends some quality time with Qetsiyah and Matt has no idea what is going on, as usual.

October 13, 2013

Once Upon A Time's First Gay Character?

After a season of subtle hints and foreshadowing... Once Upon A Time may have finally introduced their first LGBT character!

The character of Mulan, played by Jamie Chung, is a warrior based on the character from the Chinese legend Hua Mulan (as well as the Disney movie). When Mulan appeared in earlier episodes of the show, there were hints that she may have a thing for her traveling companion Prince Phillip. However, after she helped Phillip rescue his love, Aurora, the writers started to hint that Phillip may not be the object of Mulan's affection after all...

(Check out 7 Reasons Why Aurora and Mulan are in Love from wetpaint if you want a reminder of all those little hints.)

Finally, in tonight's episode "Quite a Common Fairy", Mulan is invited to join Robin Hood's band of merry men (as the first official female member). Mulan tells him that she is honored, but "there's something I need to talk to before it's too late." "A loved one?" he asks. She replies "we shall see."

Then we see Mulan pay a visit to Aurora, who asks if she should get Phillip. "No that's not necessary, it's you I wanted to talk to," she tells her but before she can say what she has come there to say, Aurora reveals that she and Phillip are expecting a baby. You can see the pain in Mulan's eyes...
Mulan: "That's excellent news."
Aurora: "It's like a dream come true. Now please, please tell me your news!"
Mulan: "I'm joining Robin Hood's band."

Heartbreaking, but also groundbreaking. Is Mulan the first lesbian (or at least bisexual?) character on the show? It's sad that there's an LGBT character but she isn't able to be with the woman she loves... but it's a start at least. Mulan also happens to be one of the few remaining minority characters on the show and she's a badass, strong woman to boot. Good for you Once Upon A Time. Now let's get Mulan a girlfriend!

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October 11, 2013

The Vampire Diaries: True Lies

This week's episode of The Vampire Diaries teaches that honesty is the best policy. Honesty and... violence?

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