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December 13, 2006

10 cents for a date?

Today I was returning some Halloween things to the arts and crafts store. (Yes, I realize it is December, so I'm guilty of procrastinating... sue me). The man on line in front of me had his total come out for $50.11, but he only had fifties and one lonely penny. The cashier kept asking him, "you don't have a dime? you don't have any singles?" She obviously didn't want to deal with giving him back $49.90 in change. I pulled a dime out of my purse and gave it to the cashier.

He said, "I have change in my car... let me pay you back". I said, "don't be silly... it's just a dime." He looked down at my hand and said, "not married... I'll have to take you to dinner." We both laughed and I said, "oh no, it's just a dime, happy holidays". He left and I went about making my return, feeling all good about myself for my tiny moment of charity.

A few minutes later he comes back in with a dime and asks for my phone number so he can take me to dinner. I just said, "Oh I'm sorry, I can't". He looks at me kind of annoyed and asks, "dating?" I lied: "yes". (It was nicer to lie than to say, "sorry but you're twenty years older than me and unattractive").

He rolled his eyes and huffed away, looking all pissed off that he took the walk from his car back to the store for nothing. So much for random acts of kindness to strangers. I'm not that fucking charitable.

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