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December 4, 2006

Bosnian serial killer

Dumb Things Guys Say #4

The Scene: A beach in Florida. 3 AM. Lilith and Jezebel have just left the bar with some friends, where...fuck it, no amount of explanation is going to make this make sense.

Jezebel and Lilith are walking down the boardwalk. A van pulls up.

Bosnian Serial Killer: You want massage?

Lilith: Massage? Um, no.

Bosnian Serial Killer: You don't want massage? But I have van!

Jezebel: No, really, we're good. Thanks though.


kingofalldrunks said...

i have no idea why that didn't work. the combination of 'massage' and 'van' is typically an instant panty remover. you must have something against bosnians.


The Evil Slut Clique loves all people. Even serial killers, but only if they're sexy.

kingofalldrunks said...

that's a decent policy. i guess all serial killers can't be as sexy as john wayne gacy.