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December 21, 2006

So how are things?

Dumb Things Guys Say #8

1. Boy meets girl, boy dates girl, boy goes back to ex
2. Please don't violate my phone's personal space

: So how are you?

Lilith: Good.

Guy: How are things?

Lilith: Good.

Guy: How's work?

Lilith: Good.

Guy: How's your kid?

Lilith: Good.

Guy: How's life?

Lilith: So where's your girlfriend? I want to meet her.

Guy: Oh we're not together anymore.

Lilith: Oh I'm sorry.

Guy: Yeah it was doomed from the start.

Lilith: Oh.

Guy: I had to give it a shot, you know...

Lilith: Yeah.

Guy: But she just wasn't the girl for me...

Jezebel: (putting her arm around Lilith) Well not everybody can have a girlfriend as great as my girlfriend.

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Anonymous said...

Epic. Gotta love good friends.