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November 24, 2006

The Home-From-College Crowd

This is the group of people that you see out at the bar over Thanksgiving weekend making a little too big of a deal out of how much fun they're having. They're doing this because it's their first time out at a bar with their high school friends, since they all went off to college and got really good fake IDs. They can also be found being very loud and obnoxious riding any form of public transportation.

Even though we all used to be them at some point, this is all forgotten after receiving a college degree (with tolerance decreasing exponentially every year post graduation).

Common signs are repeated use of the terms "oh my gaaaawd" and "I'm soooo wasted."

See also: The girl puking on the floor of Penn Station at 3 AM on Thanksgiving Eve, who looks like she snuck out of the house when the babysitter wasn't looking.

Bonus points: The girl puking on the floor of Penn Station at 10pm on Thanksgiving Eve.

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