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December 26, 2006

stalk at your own risk

I was feeling a little psychotic, so I decided to browse the myspace profile of an evil woman (and that's not "evil" in an evilslutclique kind of way; more of "evil" in a I hope I don't turn into stone by looking at her kind of way) who slept with one of my ex-boyfriends several times... while I was still dating him (duh).

I was pleased to see that she is even less attractive than she was at the time I was dating him, but that's besides the point. (And yes, I realize attractiveness is completely subjective... so I'm not outright calling her an ugly man-faced hoe. I'm just saying that in my humble opinion, she is an even uglier man-faced hoe than I had remembered).

Anyway, she had a list of things that "every woman should know" in her blog and this one just made me laugh out loud (seriously, I actually "LOL"-ed).

Never borrow someone else's man.
If he cheated with you, he'll cheat on you.

Now normally I'd think, "wow maybe she really learned something from past experiences and has become a better person." Yeah, normally I'd think that, if it was anyone else. But in her case, I'm just going to assume she's just being a big, fat hypocrite. The reason being that she also had posted this:

I do not lie. I hate it.

Um, okay. Doesn't lie, huh? Not even to the girlfriends of guys you are fucking? That's why she was able to look me straight in the face (on more than one occasion) and talk about how she and my ex were just friends. Nah, she never ever lies. Sure. I totally believe her.

Hypocrisy is a dangerous thing. So is being delusional. (And so is myspace).

1 comment:

mephi said...

Perceptive. Something to add to your list of dangerous things: monogamy. Definitely takes care of the whole "your man/my man" thing.