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December 27, 2006

stalk at your own risk-episode 2

Since this is quickly turning into a continuing series, you can see how evil sluts like to spend their vacation downtime.

So I was browsing myspace too (yeah, I know), looking at people that I went to high school with (I know). I found a bunch of people that I used to be pretty close with, but haven't talked to in years. I noticed that almost all of them had my ex-boyfriend on their lists, and some of them had him in their top 8. No big deal, he was a nice guy and we did all go to school together. But it did make me laugh because back then, hardly any of them liked him.

Here's a quick sampling of what I heard about my ex from some of these friends when I got back in touch with them during college.

"Oh God, you guys aren't still together, are you?"

"During senior year we all couldn't wait for you two to break up."

"Every week we all said that maybe that would be the week that you would wise up and dump him."

Now they're all the very best of friends. Well, the best of myspace friends, anyway. I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder. Or myspace makes us all go crazier. Something like that.

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