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December 31, 2006

New Year's Resolutions

We thought it'd be fun if we posted our "resolutions" for 2007.

  • We resolve to use a condom every single time.

  • I resolve to find a guy who lives in the same state as me.

  • I resolve to find a guy who isn't friends with another guy I've already um, "found".

  • We resolve to try new things, go new places, and meet new people.

  • We resolve to be less judgmental and bitchy. (Oh, who are we kidding?)

  • I resolve to be a better mother and daughter.

  • I resolve to remember that the opposite of anger is patience.

  • We resolve to eat more fruit and vegetables. (Lime in our Coronas and peppers on our pizza does count).

  • I resolve to have more sex. (I think that's always a healthy choice.)

  • I resolve to lose 10 lbs. before my high school reunion, whenever that may be.

  • We resolve to let go of negative people in our lives. (A new year is the time to purge ourselves of things and people that don't make our lives better in some small way).

  • We resolve to stop making so many resolutions that we know we won't keep.

Yeah that totally wasn't fun at all.

Happy New Year from Jezebel & Lilith
and the Evil Slut Clique

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