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January 22, 2007


Why am I pro-choice? Here's one reason.

Because it's unfair to force women to carry pregnancies to term, give birth, and raise children while simultaneously working to deny them access to every resource that could possibly help them along the way. Because it's unfair to deny women education and then punish them for not knowing. Because it's irresponsible to lobby for the local abortion clinic to be shut down, and then cut funding for Head Start programs.

Because what the fuck is up with insurance companies covering Viagra but not birth control? Why is it that I can go to the drugstore and buy makeup, a pretty pink razor, diet pills, and a million other products designed to help me make myself more attractive and more desirable to men...but the pharmacist won't fill my prescription for birth control pills, or Plan B, because I'm a young single woman and he has a "moral issue" with me being a dirty whore?

Because the last time I checked, this country isn't a theocracy (despite the best efforts of some), so I don't think the opinions of some Christians about the "will" of their god should be brought to bear on my government to affect my decisions about my own body. And I think He would agree with me on that point.

Because laws that restrict access to abortion don't come with the power to magically reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies. You can't attack a complicated solution while turning a blind eye to the problem. You can't shed tears over your commitment to the sanctity of life when you know that your actions are condemning women to pain and death.

Because I should be able to have a child if I decide that I want to, even if the pregnancy was unplanned and I don't have a lot of money and I'm not married and the timing is bad and my bastard child will bring shame upon great-aunt Ethel down at the senior center. Because if I decide to give my child up for adoption, I should be respected for making an incredibly difficult, painful, and selfless decision, and not judged for 'taking the easy way out' or not loving my child enough to keep it. Because "choice" doesn't equal "abortion", and anyone who thinks that it does is missing the point.

Because I'm tired of hearing "I'm not a feminist, but..." and "I'm definitely pro-life for me, I could never have an abortion, but..." Yes you are a feminist and you are pro-choice. Fuck what anyone else thinks, be real, and own it.

Because I'm angry that in 2007, women still have to deal with this. The restricted access, the stigma, the condescending grandstanding of male politicians who think we're all stupid, whores, or stupid whores. The obnoxious protesters lined up outside abortion clinics...until their teenage daughters get pregnant and they find themselves inside instead, only to be back on the picket line the next day. The people who scream about "partial-birth abortion" without understanding anything about what it is or why it sometimes has to be done. And on that note, the willful ignorance of anti-choicers in general. The president declaring the anniversary of Roe v. Wade to be "National Sanctity of Life Day".

Okay, so I guess that was more than one reason. Or maybe not. Maybe it all just boils down to "my body, my choice". Women have the right to control over their own lives, their own bodies, their own health. You don't have to respect my choice, but you do have to respect my right to make that choice for myself.

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