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January 5, 2007

A New Perspective

Dumb Things Guys Say #9

Walking home from the train station one night, Jezebel and Lilith were apprehended by two guys roaming the streets, getting a "new perspective". After some drunken (Jezebel and Lilith) and high (the guys) conversation, they realized that they had met one of them many years ago elsewhere.

Guy: It's so weird. If we had never met before... then I wouldn't remember you.

Uh, no shit. That's usually how memories work. You don't remember the people you've never met.


Anonymous said...

Re: The HPV risk
What about the strains in the throat?? What strains cause throat cancer? So many teens and/or adults assume they can engage in oral sex and have no reprecussions? Throat cancer is caused by HPV also.

What are the statics on throat cancer and the benefits of Gardasil? If the virus is in the genital tissue, it can also be cross contaminated to the throat. Yum!

Does purity, fidelity and monogamy sound attractive to anyone for the moment? Seems those old Christian core values offer some shelter for some; for a while. None of us are exempt from disease though. That's life on planet earth.

PS. Hope to hear about the throat question.
October 27, 2007


"What about throat cancer?" is a good question. Another good question is why was this comment posted to "A New Perspective" instead of the Gardasil entry?

Some medical sources do think that HPV can play a role in cancer of the throat. While it hasn't been specifically studied whether Gardasil helps prevent this, we wouldn't be shocked if it did help in some way. However, this doesn't cancel out our many concerns about the vaccine.

I'm not 100% clear on the point you were trying to make about the "old Christian core values" though.