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January 28, 2007

Sometimes they come and go like fashion

My crushes that is... They are often fleeting. It really doesn't take much. Sometimes the crush disappears after I satisfy my... um... curiosity. Sometimes the crush disappears after something really small and insignificant and stupid turns me off. Sometimes it's nothing. Sometimes it's just a matter of going to sleep enamored and waking up apathetic.

Not too long ago I posted about having a crush on a boy who was wrong, wrong, wrong for me. And suddenly, it's gone. Just gone. And for no real reason. He hasn't done anything to upset me; he hasn't done something to turn me off. It's just... over. Like leg warmers... he's suddenly out of style again. It's actually kind of disappointing, because I never got to actually do much about it. Not that I really wanted to do too much about it, but still. It was gone before I was even ready for it to be gone.

Sometimes it's fun to have a crush, just for the sake of having one and it's sad when it's over. I'm still feeling the loss of this one. I didn't want it to end so soon. Even though I had no intention of letting the crush turn into something more. (Maybe I'd have considered letting the crush become a fling... but never a "thing"). There was no future for this crush. But even so, I didn't think that our non-future would arrive so abruptly. I'm over him, before I even got a chance to be under him! Talk about a big let down.

What's even worse, is my feelings for the other (more appropriate) guy are also faltering slightly. It seems that inappropriate can be infatuating, but not lasting. And appropriate, can be boring. So what am I left with? Somewhere in the middle I suppose.

Yes, that's right... you don't have to worry your little heads about poor old me. As I said, they come and go like fashion... and I've already moved on to a new, um... object of infatuation. Yes, I already have a new crush on someone else! Talk about fickle. I'm more than fickle, I'm practically pathological.

Like I always say, it's nice to have a hobby.

1 comment:

Meeky P. said...

I know exactly how you feel! I usually get a new crush about every other week (especially during football season.)

I do, however, have a crush on a co-worker that I really wish would go away. I blame it on his prettiness. I'm very shallow, so if only I could see him as unpretty somehow it would definitely solve my problem.