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January 31, 2007



I hate Ilan Hall with a passion.

I may never watch Top Chef again.


That is all.


Jezebel said...

...and I kinda sorta think I have a crush on Marcel.

There. I said it. (safely in a comment and not in the actual blog entry itself)

Maybe it's the hair.

Anonymous said...

I was really angry, not that Ilan beat Marcel... but that Ilan made it to the finals at all considering what a poor showing he did all season. But I was thinking about it some more and I've come to terms with the outcome. This is why... Ilan is pretty good at at cooking recycled versions of the Spanish dishes they serve at Casa Mono. Marcel, although not ready now to be a "top chef" has a lot more creativitiy and versatility. So I say, give Ilan the money... let him open up a lesser version of Casa Mono and fuck it up (as I'm sure he will since he's totally not ready to run a restaurant, he can't even keep his shit together on a TV show). A few years later when Ilan is bankrupt, Marcel will open up a restaurant on his own... as will Sam and everyone else (although not Elia, she's a twat)... and we'll see who (as the judges put it) the superior chef will actually be.