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February 6, 2007

Dumb Bitch Parade

We write a lot about the Dumb Things Guys Say, but that doesn't mean that we don't still love men. The Evil Slut Clique loves sex and especially sex with men... so we could never say anything bad about the entire male gender as a whole. We just prefer the less-dumb men (but if they're really good in bed, we're even willing to overlook the dumb thing anyway).

We hear plenty of dumb things from women as well, so in order to be fair - we are starting a section called Dumb Bitch Parade. The phrase comes from something we encounter at bars a lot: a group of loud, oblivious, brain-damaged girls (often following each other in a line, hence the "parade") acting like rude, inconsiderate dumb bitches. They're the ones who say - very loudly and often in slurred speech - things that make us embarrassed to be in the same category as them (that category being "female").

They make women look bad as a whole. Not to say that we don't also demonstrate some "dumb bitch" tendencies from time to time... we most surely do! But there's just something about the bimbo-esque women we encounter that takes it to a completely new level.

So look forward to more dumb things guys say, but also plenty of things dumb bitches say/do.

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