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February 5, 2007

I've never been with an Asian before

Dumb Things Guys Say #11

This one was submitted to us by one of our readers and myspace friends, Brandi:

So the other night, I was at the bar, and some dumbass came up to me and actually said, "Hey. I've never been with an Asian before. Is it true your people are freaks in bed?"

I just slapped him and walked away.

Good for you Brandi! (Next time, kick him in the nuts!)


Goodman Green said...

As a man, I don't condone kicking a guy in the nuts, but... if it's going to keep the stupid from breeding I won't argue against it either.

raz said...

Your Iowa fanbase has gone up a bit, huh?
Brandi, next time you should tell him you know a kinky Asian sex move and the twist his balls up over his dork.

Brandi said...

If someone is actually dumb enough to say something like that again, I will take your advice Raz.