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February 9, 2007

It's an invitation... through email... get it?

Dumb Things Guys Say #12

So I was dating this guy who is ten years older than me. That's not really much of an age difference when it comes to most stuff, but every once in a while it was a little more noticeable. Sometimes he'd ask me to name a singer or band that's playing and I can't do it. (The last one I missed was Earth, Wind, and Fire).

When I realized that he was possibly too old for me (mentally old, not "age" old) was when it came to technology. He didn't instant message or text message - hell, he barely used his cell phone at all.

And then there was this:

Older Guy:
"I got this thing in my email from a friend. It was called an evite. It was an invitation... through email. Get it? You know, an e-mail in-vite."

Lilith: "Um... yeah, I know what an evite is."

Ultimately we stopped seeing each other not because he was too old, but because he was too immature.

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raz said...

I could conceivably follow your links to the end of the internet.