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February 11, 2007

National Condom Week

Screw Valentine's Day, it's time to celebrate National Condom Week.

First, do your basic research.

Then, let Condomania's Condom Wizard help you find your perfect match, or check out Babeland's article on how to choose the right condom.

Move on to some field research with a condom variety pack. Amazon.com is offering a special Valentine's/National Condom Week 12-pack for just $2. They also have a bunch of other variety packs to choose from - including a 100-pack for those of us who are extra slutty. Up until recently we didn't even know that Amazon sold condoms, but these are the things that we dedicate ourselves to researching just for you, our loyal readers. (We've also come to the conclusion that we may have to buy ourselves this book for the sole purpose of displaying it prominently on our coffee table.)

And finally, we strongly encourage everyone to rock the condom tote. This week, or any other week of the year. Some of the proceeds from condom tote sales are going to sex ed and STI awareness organizations, and also it's just really time for condom fashion to come back.

P.S. Now here's the disclaimer, because we love you all. When experimenting with condoms, especially the flavored/multicolored/glow-in-the-dark/studded and/or holiday varieties, check the packaging to make sure that it's actually giving you the protection that you need, since some novelty condoms don't. Also, if you're using lube, make sure it's a type that is safe to use with condoms. The "basic research" link above has a great list of safe and unsafe lube/condom combinations. Happy Condom Week!

1 comment:

Meeky P. said...

I love looking at different types of condoms! There's just something cool about it. I'm looking at them thinking "I know where these go! Heh, heh, heh." Does that make me weird? Or just very immature?