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February 12, 2007

Un-Valentine's Playlist

This year, for "Singles Awareness Day" I made two mixed CDs for a dear friend's Valentine's Massacre Party...

Love is Dead

by Aimee Mann
Love Hurts
- by Nazareth
Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?
- by Culture Club
Tainted Love
- by Soft Cell
Do You Love Me Now? -
by The Breeders
You Don't Love Me
- by Dawn Penn
Desolation - by Benzos
- by Pat Benatar
Don't Think of Me
by Dido
Too Little Too Late -
by JoJo
All Yours Now
- by Dante Mazzetti
Breakin' Up (Is Easy To Do
) - by Violent Femmes
Don't Want You -
by Lunachicks
Throwing Stones
- by Paula Cole
Shit List
- by L7
Fuck You (and Your Cat) - by Goldfinger

Happy Un-Valentine's Day

Take Off Your Clothes - by Morningwood
Hot Sluts (Say I Love You) - by Robbers on High Street
Bad Reputation - by
Half Cocked
Gay Bar - by Electric Six
Get Rid of That Girl - by the Donnas
Threesome - by Fenix*TX
Hooker - by Pink
Professional Widow
- by Tori Amos
Need to be Naked
- by Amber
Rippin Kittin
- by Golden Boy with Miss Kitten
- by ZZ Top
Cradle of Love
- by Billy Idol
- by Morningwood
- by Hall and Oates
Liza and Louise
- by NOFX
Stroking My Cat -
by Diesel Boy
Kill a Kitten
- by Stephen Lynch
Cruel To Be Kind
- by Letters to Cleo
Cake and Sodomy
- by Marilyn Manson
- by Violent Femmes
Drink You Pretty
- by Stephen Lynch

We'd love to hear your own fave un-Valentine songs... Email us or comment to the blog.

Note to readers: the first person to send a sappy, romantic love song gets his or her ass kicked for being stupid. That is all.


kingofalldrunks said...

dead flowers has always been my favorite for v.d.

Goodman Green said...

No Love Lost - by Carcass
She Was Asking For It - by Cannibal Corpse
Don't Care - by Obituary

Thought a little Death Metal angst might do your mix some good. After all, depression is just anger without enthusiasm, or so I'm told.