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March 1, 2007

Barbie Makes Her Dog Eat Shit

I recently saw a commercial for a new Barbie with Tanner the Dog. Apparently you feed the dog a biscuit and then --whoopie!-- he takes a shit. It even comes with Barbie's very own pooper scooper and trash can. Does anyone else think this is just a tad bit bizarre? Do little kids really want to pretend to clean up dog shit?

What's even more disturbing is that the dog biscuits and the dog shit are identical (the same brown plastic piece is used as the biscuit and the turd). Yes... Barbie basically feeds her dog its own feces. YUM!

I checked the "Product Description" on amazon.com and it's hysterical:

Tanner... eats and ejects waste from her body. At this point, Barbie can pick it up with her scooper, and then Tanner will eat it again-- just like your real dog!

As are the reviews people have written in. Some of my favorite one-liners:

...it's not like it's real poo...

...we do a "poop count" throughout the day, as the pieces are as small as Tic-Tacs and easily lost...

...they don't even let poop to be shown on TV and yet they let it come with a doll...

Probably a great gag gift for a very conscientious dog walker.

I read the reviews from here, and thought, wow. Pooping dog???!!!! SO CUTE.

Does this toy teach young girls moral lessons about the responsibilities of pet ownership and the importance of cleaning up their mess? Or, is the feces-eating devil dog teaching impressionable young kids that its ok to consume their own excrement? Who knows, and who cares.

I thought, "Those dog treats have an odd sort of shape to them..."

I have to supervise my dog constantly when he's outside to prevent him from eating his own poo. Now Mattel has made it into a toy.

...they're almost certain to disappear into carpets or into real poops when kids eat them themselves.

I did have to explain to my daughter that we do NOT eat poop and its 'pretend'...

...my daughter came to me and asked me to detach the pooper-scooper from Barbie and reattach it to one of her older Ken dolls. Worried that she was not learning the intended lesson of pet care (and with sympathetic thoughts for her future husband) I asked her why she wanted me to make the change. She told me that Barbie was not going to scoop Tanner's poop anymore because she was hiring a Pet Butler man to clean up the poop...

This toy should be called Barbie in The Dante's Hell of The Scatological Dog...

Those are all actual quotes from amazon. I love it.


amanda said...

What's next? A "Pink Flamingoes" barbie?

Just My Thoughts said...

My Beagle does this constantly. It not all that cool.
It might however teach some kids how the world does actually work.

Meeky P. said...

They should make Barbie eat the shit instead! There are no words to express the amount of loathing that I have for this heifer! My godmother had the audacity to buy me one when I was 9. The amount of torture that I inflicted on that doll before I eventually just watched her melt in the flames of a roaring fire was classic!

Yeah...not real fond of Barbie.

Anonymous said...

i hate barbie. shes a slut. im nine, female and i wants to torture barbie!!!! I would very much like to strip her clothes off her, kill her dog, free her horse, stop her into the dust, cut open her back, and watch her be burned in my faire place where tortuerd screams would be music to my ears. she would melt and i would be there 4 her- to laugh and point!!! bratz r better and anyone who likes barbie can be damned to hell!!!!!!!