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March 14, 2007

Dear Homophobic Magazine

Now it's no secret that the Evil Slut Clique is no huge fan of Cosmopolitan. First they tried to tell us when to sleep with a guy for the first time. Now they're being homophobic?

From the March 2007 issue:

Scary Sex Warning

Some "straight" men aren't and that may put you at risk.

About 1 in 10 men who described themselves as heterosexual said they'd had a sexual encounter with another guy at least once in the previous year -- even though they didn't identify with being homosexual, reports a study that was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. The study also found that these men were less likely to use condoms than were men who considered themselves homosexual.

So how does this affect you? Since many sexually transmitted diseases are on the rise in the gay community, according to the Centers for Disease Control, it's crucial that you use a rubber every time you get busy with a new guy, regardless of whether he claims he's hetero or not.

---From "COSMO GYNO" section by Esther Crain

Pretty fucked up, no? So I decided to write them a little letter:

Dear Cosmo,

I found so many things wrong (and offensive) about your "Scary Sex Warning" [March 2007, COSMO GYNO].

One's sexual orientation is based on one's dominant sexual/romantic behavior pattern, attraction, or preference. Having had a sexual encounter with a member of your own gender, does not necessarily mean that you are homosexual or identify as homosexual.

Your reference to the sexually transmitted diseases that are on the rise in the "gay community", implies that the "straight community" is not at risk for STDs as well. The last time I checked, anyone having sex is at risk for STDs.

While your advice to "use a rubber every time you get busy with a new guy" is excellent advice, your reasoning is heavily flawed. One should always use a condom with a new sexual partner - not because he might be lying about how "hetero" he is - but because he might be lying period, and because it's the safe thing to do regardless. It doesn't matter if he's having sex with men, women, or farm animals: you're still at risk if you're unprotected.

Your article perpetuates the outdated, homophobic myth that "gay sex = disease", when the real message you need to be sending is that "unprotected sex = disease".

On a side note, I found it really funny that the study was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine. While reading it aloud to a friend I accidentally called it the "Anals of Internal Medicine", which was a Freudian slip that perfectly suited the subject matter. Yes, it's true. I have the maturity level of a 12-year-old boy!


Christine said...

Fantastic letter. You guys are right on.

Nic said...

Anal sex = higher incidence of contracting STD

i.e. if the they having the encounter is taking it, he's more likely to contract rather than a guy who is... uh... a top.

therefore a guy "bottom", and a girl have the same risk of contracting (though the may be contracting in areas that really may not play a part in hetero... games)

Hope that states why there may be an increased risk


Anonymous said...

Re: nic

Yes, anal sex is a higher risk behavior than vaginal or oral sex, but the article never specifically mentions anal sex. It says a sexual encounter which could be limited to oral sex or something else.

I'm not saying that the article's point doesn't have some merit, but the way it's presented has seriously homophobic implications.

Sunday said...

i really can't stand Cosmo anymore. the last straw for me was when they printed an article all about why genital piercing is bad for you and pretty much said "if you get a genital piercing, you will get a nasty infection."

i ran home and shot off an email to them immediately. i never expected them to print it when they get so many "oh wow, you are *so* right about Blowjob Tip #34...my man loved it!" letters to stroke their ego, but i'm still mad they never even acknowledged my email.

i also read that gay sex = STD piece and i'm really glad you guys called them on it.

vicki aka ruthellis said...

I know that I should make a comment on the homophobia, but I'm sorry I still can't get past screaming and laughing, that precious little Barbie has a dog that shits! Ya' got me in stitches man...

And, Happy Patty's Day To You myspace friends.