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March 13, 2007

Why We Suck

We just wanted to mention why we've been sucking lately. I'm sure you all noticed that March has gotten off to a slow start here at Evil Slutopia (with the exception of a quick rant about Barbie's shit-eating-dog) and even our International Women's Day post was a cop-out.

So just to assure you that we haven't forgotten about all of our honorary evil sluts... we thought we'd quickly give you a partial list of what we've been doing that has made the blog suck ass so badly.

One or more members of the Evil Slut Clique have been busy doing one or more of the following:

  • working (that is, working at the jobs that actually pay us money for what we do)
  • parenting (molding the evil sluts of tomorrow)
  • celebrating and/or planning assorted special events
  • compiling information for 10 More Things You Might Not Know About Gardasil
  • attempting a social life and/or love life (they don't call us evil sluts for nothing)
  • traveling to non-exotic locations for non-exciting reasons
  • stalking exes and/or crushes on myspace
  • writing angry letters to Cosmo magazine
    getting tested for STDs (still 100% more Chlamydia free!)
  • making small strides towards ESC World Domination
  • preparing for St. Patrick's Day, the Vernal Equinox, Passover, Easter, and of course Women's History Month
  • getting fucked over by Daylight Savings coming early this year (although we are quite enjoying the sun)
It has also been brought to our attention that the second week of March was Procrastination Week, but we'll just put that off until later.

We promise we'll be back and at it really soon! Stay evil, stay slutty!

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