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May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

We'd like to wish all of the moms and MILFs out there a very happy Mother's Day!

Here are just a few ways to celebrate:

  • Take NOW's Moms on Media survey. They're looking for your opinions on what the biggest challenges are in raising children today in a society with such crazy pop culture/media issues. They'll post some of the responses on their site and use the info to help plan their future media campaigns.
  • Watch this video from Mother's Day For Peace. It talks about the anti-war origins of Mother's Day and the original Mother's Day Proclamation, and connects back to our current issues with the war in Iraq.

  • Buy some stuff for your favorite mom from CafePress:

  • Help all of the hot moms you know stay in touch with their sexiness with a little MILF reading.

(And if you want to buy us some gifts too while you're ordering from Amazon, we'll totally understand.)

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