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June 13, 2007

The ESC Quits Their Day Jobs

Unfortunately that's only half-true. Sadly, we can't exactly survive on "blogging" alone... yet. (Of course, if anyone would be interested in making a donation to the "SAVE THE EVIL SLUT CLIQUE Fund", we'd be happy to accept).

In case you've been wondering why we've been slacking on the blog (even though we are working on stuff behind-the-scenes)... we did in fact, technically, quit our jobs. My partner-in-crime has left her company to be part of something new (and better!) I, on the other hand, have given my notice to my current employer and have no idea what I'm going to do after that. Ideally, it's nice to not leave your old job until you've already found a new job. However it's not always so easy to job-hunt while you're overworked. So I'm about to enter possible unemployment. (Got any suggestions?)

Anyway... that is why we've been SUCKING lately. We are a) busy building a new career or b) stressing about going broke. Either way, the evil sluttiness has certainly taken a backseat these past few weeks. I've only been hungover one time since that second Gardasil post. Now that's just shameful.

More to come soon. We love you guys.
Stay evil, stay slutty.

(Pray for us).


sharnanagans said...

in home porn parties... work it ..you r own hours...girls love dildos..easy sell... then when you get a "real" job..you can always sling the dildos on the side... thats what i do.
the gal that had one at my house... that convinced me i should do it... quit her day job in silicon valley making really good money...cuz she could make the same if not more.
just an idea.

Meeky P. said...

Dildo parties, eh? Might have to consider that. Current gig suuucckks!!