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July 12, 2007

Let me touch your face!

They're baaaack!

Ah, another installment of the on-going comic saga of the craziest couple ever.

Again, we'd love to be able to tell you that this story is entirely fictional and any similarities to actual people or events are strictly coincidental. However, that would be a lie, because this comic depicts yet another allegedly real event. Obviously we haven't followed this couple into bed, so this is our version of a actual fight they supposedly had.

Aren't you glad this isn't your relationship?

Let Me Touch Your Face: Another True Story

"I can't believe you said that!"

(sob sob sob)

(cry cry cry)

(Thinking: "I bet he's not even crying").

"Let me touch your face."


"Um... because."


"Stop it!"

"Quit it!"

"Let me touch your face!!"


"Stop it!!"


"I can't believe you wouldn't let me touch your face".

"Okay, fine."

"Here. Touch right here".

"Well, I did feel moisture... maybe he really was crying?")

Thinking: "Nah, he probably just spit in his hand and put that there".


"I can't sleep".

The End

1 comment:

Pheonix said...


...he probably did spit on his hand and put it on his face. Nice attempt

(I'm only saying that because if he were actually crying, it would ruin men for me. I hate men who cry)