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July 31, 2007

let's not talk to our exes anymore

Okay. Another crazy comic... We admit that this one isn't completely 100% true. This one is based on an actual "conversation" (we like to call them "fights", but she always called them "conversations").

There's only so many stories of hers we could listen to before we started to tune out the details...

We just decided to make up the details because it's more fun that way. And also because she's no longer speaking to us, so we can't exactly ask her to fill in the blanks for us.

So even though we can't claim that it's completely factual... it is true to the spirit of their relationship and there are quite a few lines in there that are straight from the cuckoo's mouth.

So enjoy... but read at your own risk. You may lose braincells.

“So I think that we should agree...
that we're not going to hang out with any exes anymore…


“Um… well… okay.”

(beep beep!)

“You have a text message. I’ll read it to you. It’s from Sarah.
She wants to know if you have time to talk.”

“Oh she must still be upset, I'll call her later.”

“No. We agreed not to talk to exes anymore.”

“We agree not to hang out with them.”

“Talking counts.”

“But she’s not really an ex.
We just hooked up that one time
...five years ago.
She’s just a really good friend.”

“Yeah, I don’t care. You can’t talk to her.”

“But she’s been having a hard time lately…
she just needs a friend.”

“She doesn’t need you to be her friend.
She has Melissa and Will, that’s enough.

She doesn't need more than two friends.
I basically only have two good friends."

“But… I’ve been friends with her for ten years.
She barely knows Melissa.”

“If you wanted to stay friends with her...
then you shouldn't have said you'd stop speaking to her.”

“But I didn’t say that… I…”

“Look... if you want to be her friend, that’s fine.
I’m not your keeper or your mother… it’s fine with me…”

“Oh, okay…”

“But I’m not going to date someone who lies...
and who goes back on promises they made...
and who can't be trusted to stick to agreements.”

"Um... can I have my phone back now?"


Epilogue: As far as we know, he did stop speaking to/hanging out with that girl and his girlfriend continues to babysit his phone for him.

We were never completely sure if that chick was an actual ex-turned-friend... or just a friend... (we were afraid to ask), but either way he ditched her for his girlfriend. Meh. I guess he never heard of the "bros before hoes" thing. Or in this case, uh... ex-hoes before psych-os? Okay so maybe it doesn't work in this case.

(PS: Isn't it nice to see them with clothes on for a change? Yes, it's true... some of their crazy conversations did take place out of bed. Although not many).

1 comment:

Robin said...

These comics are so hilarious. Love them. Keep em coming!