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July 30, 2007

Munchie Patrol

Still unemployed, but I got a great idea for a career move.

Now we've always said that McDonalds and Taco Bell and places like that should deliver. (Think about the amount of money they'd make and the amount of drunk driving accidents they could prevent!) There are already grocery delivery services but they often require you to make advance orders and only deliver at certain times during the day.

So our fabulous (albeit drunken) idea? Munchie Patrol! Got a craving for some french fries but too lazy to drive to Burger King? Too stoned to go get your own Doritos from the supermarket? We'll do it for you... for a modest service charge.

I think this could be big. If you'd care to be a partner in this endeavor, feel free to make a substantial investment. All checks can be made payable to the "Save the ESC Fund".


raz said...

We used to have something like that here in DM. They were EXPENSIVE, though, and faded away. Be sure tokeep your clients in mind...stoners are often broke.

Meeky P. said...

I think this is an excellent idea! Not only because we are often too drunk/stoned to get our own tacos, but because sometimes I just don't want to get dressed.

Answering the door in a bathrobe = acceptable. Walking into Taco Bell in a bathrobe = not acceptable.

Sooza said...

There's a business in Atlanta that does that...it's called Zifty. You can even order stuff online. How great is that? I hate talking to people on the phone when I'm feeling lazy.


Shar said...

Wow... Start it up and i will manage the franchise here in Calif.
i have to say that a friend and i have had this exact converstation, well maybe not exact...but definitely similar.
couldnt agree more.
Drunkin drive thru visits to jack in the box though... can be fun... for the drunks.
i agree with raz too...broke stoners...but thats why you accept credit cards! even broke stoners can get credit. :)