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July 29, 2007

No Idea: Where Everybody Knows I'm Lame

Today's lesson: Ass-kissing really does pay off.

A few days ago we posted a rant about lawsuits regarding "Ladies Night" promotions. On the subject of drink specials, I mentioned how much we love No Idea, home of the infamous Name Night:

There's a bar in Manhattan, that we happen to love, called No Idea. They offer an ingenious promotion called "Name Night". Each night is assigned a name (chosen semi-randomly) and if that's your name - you drink for free from 5:00-11:00. So far they haven't chosen my name (hint hint, hope you guys are reading this) but the ESC has gone to many a name night with friends. So should I sue them for discriminating against me because I'm not named Edna (7/25/07) or Steve (7/09/07)? Of course not, because I'm not a complete moron and/or asshole.

Now I wrote that out of our true love and admiration for No Idea, not because I wanted to sucker them into adding my name to their calendar. Honestly.

I love going there regardless of whose name it is because it's just a really cool place. As far as NYC bars go, the prices are pretty decent even if it's not your name (four words: pint sized mixed drink). I've heard people refer to No Idea as a "dive bar" (a phrase I usually take to mean "dirty") but at No Idea it simply means that the bar is without pretension and attitude. They have a pool table and a generally entertaining mix of people drinking their faces off. There's a reason why I make all my friends aware of it when their names pop up on the calendar... (it's not just benevolence)... it's because I enjoy going there so I'll take any opportunity to drag a friend there with me.

However, all that aside, I do like to drink for free, so I was not above sending them a link to the blog letting them know I wrote it... and blatantly asking them to reward my kind words with free beer.

Yes, I am that pathetic. The good news? They said yes. So expect a gushing (but totally truthful) review of the evening in about a month. Based on our previous nights spent at No Idea, I'm pretty sure we'll at least get some new material for Dumb Things Guys Say.


May said...

ya gotta love when the sucking up works ;)

Frank said...

You can't be free booze! If I could only use my blog to get free alcohol the world would be a perfect place.