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July 22, 2007

Rock of Love is tittylicious!

So has anyone else out there watched Rock of Love? Or that is, admitted to watching it? We're ashamed to say it, but this so-bad-it's-good, no wait, it's-still-pretty-bad, but I-still-need-to-watch-it-anyway reality show is one of our new guilty pleasures.

Apparently, after Flavor of Love, Charm School, and I Love New York... VH1 has decided to take a stand for equality and prove that white people can act ridiculous and makes fools of themselves while searching for reality TV "love" too.

It is morbidly fascinating and even though you might not want to see it all, you can't look away. Like a train wreck... a train wreck with lots and lots of silicone. Who knew Bret Michaels (of Poison) was so unintentionally hilarious?

Very rarely will we draw your attention away from Evil Slutopia and towards another blog... but we can't help ourselves this time. No one - not even us - could possibly put it better than ow can you say anything bad about the people who brought us this moment of bliss:

(Hypnotic, aren't they?)


May said...

ah... if only I had cable

Meeky P. said...

Haven't checked this one out yet, but I lived for "I Love New York!" (yes, I am very ashamed) Looks like I'll have to tune in!

TRHulfy said...

I am in love with Rock of Love! I've been reading your blog off and on for over two months now and I was waiting for anyone anywhere to start talking about Rock of Love. It is so bad it's good!

Anonymous said...