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July 6, 2007

what does this mean?

Is it a bad sign if a guy goes into the bathroom and pukes immediately after sex?

I'm figuring one of two things:

1) He needed to be REALLY drunk to have sex with me.


2) Having sex with me was so horrible it induced vomiting.

Please write in with your opinion. I need to know.


Shar said...

whoa. let see.
well it doesn't mean he HAD to get really drunk to sleep with you, perhaps he just was?
what was happening leading up to this?
did you go out to dinner first..food poisoning?
not really super drunk but u just rocked his world so much his stomach was tossed around too much?
honestly, i am at a loss on this one, i don't see how someone could NOT be offended.
i would be.
i would definitely call him out on it and at least listen to what he says...then call him out on THAT if its stupid.
he is probably mortified as well.
can we be kept up on the outcome?

Raz said...

he probably needs to be really drunk to have sex with anyone, catholic guilt or fear of vaginas or failure... something like that


(This happened years ago. I just still need to know).

Anonymous said...

oh, and I've totally puked after sex, its nothing personal ;)

Lady_Jane said...

Eeek! One time I had to stop in the MIDDLE of sex to puke. And I was really into the guy...just had a few too many that night on an empty stomach and said stomach erupted before anything else could. So I would say be happy you got to finish and don't take it personally!

Pheonix said...

What's worse - puking after sex, of falling asleep while someone's going down on you

...I've done both... and meant nothing by it.