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August 18, 2007

Dumb Bitch: Fun With Racism

Dumb Bitch Parade #6

Dumb Bitch:
I love your outfit! You know, you guys look so great in bright colors.

H: Ummm...

So close to being a compliment, and yet so very, very far. The sad thing about being a dumb bitch is that this girl has no idea why a generalization like 'all black people look great in bright colors' could ever be considered offensive. But we get it.

It would be like us saying 'all dumb bitches have fake tits and bad dye jobs', when we know that's really an exaggeration and not 100% true, unless of course you're talking about the girls in the Rock of Love house.


Anonymous said...

But her hair DID look fun!

Frank said...

Ha! What a dumb bitch ;-) But then again, they're definitely useful for a good laugh.

BTW, Rock of Love is horribly addicting. I can hardly wait each week to see what idiotic things these dumb bitches will do in the name of "love".