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August 23, 2007

Google google...

I was looking at our statcounter and am cracking up at the searches people do that lead them to our blog.... We weren't surprised to find that most of them did a search for Gardasil or something related to that... (We knew it was our most popular post, but wow! It's is red hot!)

We were surprised though by the random google searches that brought some of our visitors to us. Here are some of the funnier and more random ones we noticed from the last few days:

"i hate pradeep"

"pradeep sucks"

"rock of love sluts"

"rock of love sexy six"

"buzz bunny in the bed having sex"
[this search led them to the Doing It People Style
entry, no idea what they were actually hoping to find, yikes]

"cunt blog"

"cock talk"

"is your penis big enough
to touch your asshole"

"the pickup artist gay guy"

"mystery pickup artist penis size"

"evil women evil wins movies"

"is tyra banks a slut"

"puking after sex"

"attorney wins endometriosis lawsuit"

"why do women find the word cunt to be offensive"

"slut eye makeup"

"top five slut names"

"Jes rock of love hairstyle"

(These are all real, we swear).

All we can really say at this point is, thanks for stopping by!


raz said...

If I write something in a comment and someone Googles it will my comment lead them here? Did I ask that correctly? Like, say I want your blog to come up when someone searches for "gay turtle vaseline sex" will the fact that I just wrote it bring them here? Or do you have to write it? Just in case:
spatula porn
beastiality cartoons
hummingbird in butthole
gay hat society lunch


hahaha! I have no idea. But it's worth a shot. Let's google it now and find out. Actually... no. If I'm ever arrested for a crime or run for office I don't want them to be like "and in August of 2007 she googled 'hummingbird in butthole'!!" Might ruin my political career. Also, I'm kind of scared of what else might show up in the search!

Frank said...

Hahaha! Classic. I need to put up my statcounter again for these purposes alone. I'd have to say my favorite are "puking after sex" and "is your penis big enough to touch your asshole". What makes people google these things i have no idea, but i thank them for it1

Anonymous said...

Ew. Yesterday someone searched for "how can i drug my female slut". (It brought them to the gardasil post).


In response to Raz... I just googled "gay hat society lunch" and it brought me to this thread. So... you officially suck. We love you.