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August 22, 2007

Brand Spankin' New Blog!

Hey evil sluts!

We at Evil Slutopia agree with our fans (you know, all six of you) that the comic strip deserves its own home. We will still be cross-posting all of the comics over at the Evil Slutopia blog for the time being, but we'd like to introduce our brand new crazy baby...

The title will become clear with time... I guess we could have subtitled it "True Stories From The Most Insane and Annoying Girl Ever" but that seemed a little excessive.

That's her.

Normally, this would be the part where we gave a little disclaimer saying that the stories are entirely fictional and any similarities to actual people or events are strictly coincidental. However, that would be a lie. These comics depicts completely real events (although some of them are simply based on real events, mostly because we weren't actually there to witness all of the actual dialogue).

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