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August 21, 2007

The ESC Coalition Against Pradeep

Jezebel and Lilith watch the Pick-Up Artist... again. Hijinks still do not ensue.

(In case you don't know what we're talking about... The Pick-Up Artist Episode 3 Recap.)

Mystery looks almost normal today.

I almost forgot it was on! Dude, the blond guy is totally gay!

lol... It's not fair that they have to tell the same story to the kids. Whoever goes last is unlucky.

Totally true. You're lucky if you can get them to sit through it once.

I think fat Joe should win.

Me too... I loved Mystery's face when Pradeep was screwing up.

Nooo. Mystery should pick, not let the little girls vote! Ew I hate Pradeep!

Yeah this is retarded.

He sucks! And now "Kosmo with a K" thinks Pradeep is a genius?

I can't imagine living with a jerk like him.

Dude... is he doing that "here is the church here is the steeple" thing? I do not get that gambit at all. Or the term "gambit".

lol... This isn't going to give him a competitive advantage because he's fucking annoying.

Yeah I like how they zoomed in on him when they said "you don't tell a long boring story" lol.

What's up with Mystery's grandpa vest?

I want the old virgin to win!

We may need to do a drinking game for this show too. I wonder if Mystery and Bret Michaels go hat shopping together?

I was just thinking of Rodeo & her thing about "kids love me because of my hats".

You know its all about the children.

Maybe that's why Mystery looked so normal before? He didn't want to scare the kids.

What the fuck is Pradeep wearing!? / What the fuck is Pradeep's shirt all about?

lol, ESP! / haha... ESP.

Oh! ESP again! haha!!

Oh my God! I know that twirl move! Remember that guy at the bar who pulled that on me to get my seat! He learned that from Mystery!

On the plus side, I think we made it all the way to the third episode before a Dungeons & Dragons reference.

I have a feeling the old virgin is going home soon. Even if he does all right he's still twice those girls' ages. Not fair.

Yeah I feel bad for him. I do like both Joes.

PS: Scott Baio sucks. Just for the record.

lol... Oh God. I love how mad they get when the guys try to have a normal conversation instead of rehearsed material.

I know!

"We're all in the furniture business."

Ew! Pradeep is a cockblocker!

Aw, I love little gay Joe.

I knew it'd be one of the Joes. I prefer fat Joe. He reminds me of a guy I'd date... which is... sad... for me.

Okay, my love for gay Joe is on hold because that conversation with Pradeep was total BS.

Off subject - I kinda want to see the The Nanny Diaries but I'm annoyed by that.

I read the book. It was good but kind of depressing, but the movie looks cute.


Totally but I saw it coming. I still can't get over those medallions.

Brady did badly, but I know he stays because I saw him in a later preview at the beginning of the season. Poor Fred is going home.

Yeah you can see it coming. This whole setup isn't really fair to him.

Totally unfair. I'm gonna track him down & buy him a hooker. At least maybe he can use what he learned on older ladies?

Yeah hopefully it'll help Fred because people will recognize him and whatever.

Recognize him as a virgin! "Looks can only get us so far"... but Brady you're good looking so you can stay. BS!

Uh oh... next week is kissing lessons! ew!

Yeah really, I don't know if I'm ready to watch that.

For last week's "text message commentary" of Episode 2 - CLICK HERE


Susan said...

My husband made me watch Big Love instead of The Pick-Up Artist. I did get to watch the medallion ceremony, as well as Mystery's long, luxurious hair. Every time I see his hair, I think about Lilith and her quest to find his conditioner.

This show RULES! Long live the Joes!!!

Maybelline Jones said...

I'm glad that some other people on the planet are as insanely obsessed with Vh1's Celebreality as I am.

Thank you, Evil Sluts!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't believe Mystery pulled out the "church and the steeple" bit, was he for real? As long as Pradeep opens his mouth he won't get any chick to do anything but ignore or slap him no matter what gambit he uses. VH1 is killing me with these shows that are so bad that they are completely addictive.

I am completely smitten by this show, even with Matador licking his lips every 3 seconds.

M. Fox said...

I read The Game by accident before this show came out and you have to read that book to get a good look at Mystery and who he is. He's fascinating on the show for sure! But what you don't see is his extremely depressed, dark, suicidal streak which makes me wonder how happy this "method" really makes men if he's so freaking unstable. Unstable but pretty brilliant. He's a magician too and I'm waiting for him to pull out the levitating beer bottle trick...

and p.s. any guy who tried to tell me the "i dated a stripper and beat the shit out of some crazies following her" story would be sorely dissapointed. I don't think it's a plus that a guy has dated a stripper. And that story was so bad! (If you didn't see that one it's on the extra outtakes on VH1.com) it's worth watching to hear Pradeep try to retell the story and fail miserably.

He's got to GO.