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August 3, 2007

Sluts Rock My World

Today we've got a Very Special Episode of Evil Slutopia for you. No, don't worry, none of us are hooked on caffeine pills. It's special because we have our first guest blogger. He's a good friend of the Evil Sluts. Just call him...Adam. This is his take on what evil sluttiness is all about. Enjoy!

Sluts rock my world.

Not because they're sluts (well, not just because they're sluts), but because they've let go. Let go of their inhibitions, let go of caring whether the girl at the bar they knew from high school is going to shake her head condescendingly and turn back to her mixed drink. Let go from guilty consciences, passed down from thoughts and actions taken before she was born.

A slut is someone you can experience with all five senses, and maybe others you didn't know you had. Someone who tests the boundaries of what's appropriate, what's right, and what's expected. Someone who knows what it means to blow past that line you set to hold yourself back. She wants to live, wants to love, doesn't care what's supposed to come her way, just looking for what is and what's going to happen tonight. She's happy to feel her pulse racing to the music. She's laughing because something just struck her funny. She's not self-conscious and it makes me feel the same way.

I've been a slut, and I've loved it. I've known reckless love, in the arms of a friend and the eyes of a stranger. It doesn't mean I'm stupid, easy, or by any means lesser than anyone else. It doesn't have to mean I'm out looking for something or someone, although it can. It's a blissful respite from a complicated world, and complicated relationships. Living in a world with only laughter, dancing, alcohol, and the feeling of skin on skin. Just being yourself, or who you want to be for the evening. Just being with a friend.

Just being me, and fuck anyone else. Loving who I am and finding people who agree. Finding others to love, to enjoy, to experience. Broadening my horizons, my experiences, my feeling. Dropping the pieces of myself I don't want and don't like. Exposing who I am in a world where everyone else is ashamed.

Sluts rock my world because they remind me of what I am deep inside. Alive.


May said...

^__^ this pretty much made my day

Teresa said...

Thank you Adam. Reaffirms why I love my slutty-ness.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jezebel... remember that time we snuck out to see E.T. and rode our bikes home? We were so scared.