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August 8, 2007

Totally Not News

Things I learned today while reading Health magazine...

~Good News: Remember all that talk about the FDA cutting a huge chunk of the Office of Women's Health budget? Apparently certain kick ass members of Congress (including Hillary Clinton) got wind of the idea and said, "No Way". I guess it worked because so far the word is that they get to keep their full $4 million budget.

~Bad News: The Union Pacific Railroad Company decided to stop covering birth control under its health insurance plan. And then a federal appeals court said that was A-Okay! Why? Because they don't cover other baby-preventing means such as condoms or vasectomies. (However, it does cover Viagra, so explain that). The thing that bothers me the most, is that oral contraceptives are not always used to prevent pregnancy. Sometimes they are used to regulate your cycle, to help with severe PMS or PMDD symptoms, to clear up acne, to prevent ovarian cancer, to treat endometriosis, etc. Comparing it to "condoms" is just inaccurate and it should be covered no matter what you're using it for. Grr.

~Racial News: According to an Indiana University study, Black women statistically used to have better body images than Caucasian women, but are now starting to face more "pressure to fit thin standards of beauty often portrayed by white models". I wonder if Tyra Banks has anything to do with this phenomenon.

~Icky News: The R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company decided to find a really "awesome" way to launch their new Camel No. 9 cigarettes (aimed at women) in New York. They had a "smoking spa" at a bar where women were served cigarettes and martinis while getting manicures and blow jobs (er, blow dries). I hope they also gave them deodorizing, teeth whitening and cancer screenings... because smoking cigarettes is kind of the "anti-spa" and very unattractive.

~Totally Not News: Richard Harris, Ph D, psychology professor of Kansas State University reports that "even though men often resistfilms marketed to women, they usually enjoy the movie once they're at the multiplex". Gee. I'm really glad someone was looking into that important issue.

~Unbelievable News: According to some dude from the University of Arkansas, "venting" your anger makes it worse. So instead of letting it out and getting it out of your system, he recommends taking a "time out". I refuse to believe this. I am a huuuuge supporter of the "therapeutic rant" and it works for me. In fact, I feel much better already!

1 comment:

Shar said...

therapeutic rants are a must. that guy is full of shit.

I love how viagra is allowed but prescriptions that help people stop having unwanted children who end up being paid for by the rest of us...isn't. awesome. LETS MAKE SURE YOU CAN STILL HAVE SEX!!!

yeah... spa parties with cigarettes... very anti-spa but i am sure they met the goal they wanted. sad.

The UPS man gave me a hug and left his cologne smell on me and now i cant think straight... i have "damn this smells good" brain...fyi