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September 25, 2007

Bring Your Own Tiara

Here's another worthy cause (an actual one - not that we're opposed to gratuitous nudity on TV - but this one's a little more likely to happen).

We found this one on myspace, because we're cool. Or... we're... something.

Josie Smith-Malave (formerly of Top Chef - and seemingly one the "realest" people ever seen on "reality" TV) is hosting B.Y.O.T. - Bring Your Own Tiara - on October 4th in New York City.

Support this nation's only openly queer beauty queen, our own, Scout Durwood, and her race for Miss USA. All excess proceeds go to "Pink in my Rainbow," Josie and Scout's all-queer chapter of Race for the Cure.

October 4th
Doors @ 8PM
Show @ 9PM

at CHINA 1
50 Avenue B & 4th Street

$10 minimum donation

Performances by: Mahogany Alyssa Robbins and Julia Weldon Pete and Jay The Sarcastics Frances Rodriguez and special celebrity DJ ~ Dangerous Muse

Pageant tips by Scout and Josie's amuse bouche all night.

I'm going to quote Josie's myspace blog on this one, because I think she said it best:
This event is for two very very special causes, near and dear to my heart: beautiful women and beautiful breasts."

(Both images were blatantly stolen by me from Josie's myspace).


Jezebel said...

Josie is awesome. For those who haven't heard, Josie and a couple of other women were victims of an anti-gay attack a few weeks ago. Obviously she's not letting that stop her from doing her thing.

She has also played football for the New York Sharks. Did I mention she's awesome?

Anonymous said...

Yep. Plus she's totally sexy, no?