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October 31, 2007

Group costumes are lame

Last week on I Read While He Plays Video Games, our favorite crazy couple couldn't agree on a couples Halloween costume. And now... they still can't.

Find out what happens next:
I Read While He Plays Video Games

Happy Halloween from the ESC!

October 25, 2007


Halloween is quite possibly the ESC's favorite holiday. Why? Oh there are so many reasons:

It's kind of okay to be a little evil on Halloween. In fact, it's expected. It's also acceptable to be as slutty as you want on Halloween. (Of course, we're always as evil and slutty as we want... but on Halloween a lot more people join in on it). Costumes are fun! Who doesn't want to try on a different persona for a day? (What, do you think Lilith and Jezebel are our real names?) And the best reason of all.... free candy!

So what is there to do to celebrate this holiday in style? After the NYC Village Halloween Parade this year, the Evil Slut Clique will be partying our asses off once again at the annual Motherfucker Halloween party (held this year at Rebel).

But what else is there to do? As always, we have some awesome suggestions (in completely random order).

~Rent the ultimate Halloween movie... Halloween, any of the endless sequels or check out the Rob Zombie remake. (Just don't rent Gothika unless you want to be scared by how bad it is).

~ Watch this cute video short from Nick Termini called Hell Hath No Fury.

~ Want to decorate your house (or crypt) a little darker? Visit Gothic Martha Stewart and goth-it-up!

~ Check out Hollyween, a collection of original artwork by over 50 artists presented by Daniel Franzese at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery in LA.

~ Watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown video as re-dubbed by Eric Striffler. (We admit that we were totally freaked out when we realized this evil genius was only 16. So um, officially he can't even read our blog... but check it out, it's awesomely twisted).

~ You can enjoy Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears at the Scaryville Circus Halloween Party, October 31st in Brooklyn, NY. Acts also include Everthus the Deadbeats and Everything Now, as well as a burlesque show, sword jugglers, graffiti writers, fire twirlers and more. (Also, there's an open bar, sweet!) Check the website for details and RSVP (RSVP does not guarantee admission).

Click Here

~ If you're in Minnesota this weekend, dress up like Heather from Rock of Love and go to Big Hair Mania on October 27th.

~ On November 3rd, you can see our favorite roller derby chicks go head to head in a Bridge-and-Tunnel bout at Hunter College Sportsplex in Manhattan (68th and Lexington). Brooklyn Bombshells vs. Long Island Roller Rebels and Manhattan Mayhem vs. Hub City Hellrazors (New Jersey Dirty Dames All Stars).

(The Gotham Girls Roller Derby league is apparently also having a Halloween-recovery party on November 1st at the Galapagos Art Space).

~ Need a last minute costume? Do we even really have to suggest "wear something sexy"? Come on. You already know that. Not sure where to shop? We could give you about 1,000 links... but we won't. Here are just a few of our favorites:

(We actually like to shop there all year round, but October is extra awesome obviously).

~ If you're in the Los Angeles area, celebrate Dia de Los Muertos at one of the many "Day of the Dead" Celebrations. (The San Francisco Day of the Dead Parade takes place on November 2nd, beginning in the Mission District).

~ On October 27th you can join in on the 8th annual Victorian Fetish Ball in both Denver (Tabu/Alley Cat Nightclub and Diamond Cabaret) and Minneapolis (Shrek's Palace Royal). This is a "costume MANDATORY event" according to their website, which we had a brief giggle at over their guidelines. (Whatever you do, don't forget your thong!)

The Victorian Fetish Ball originated as a Halloween event where everyone would be in costume to add energy to the night. With everyone in costume you can let your alter ego fly free!

Any costume is technically a fetish so what ever makes you feel sensual and erotic is the way to go.


Denver: Law states that the nipple and bottom of the breast must be covered as well as the glutteal crease (butt crack) anything else is fair game. There are stages for those of you that want to show off topless and in thongs.

Minneapolis: Law states that all you need is to make sure all genitalia is covered and no pubic hair shows. So make sure you have a thong. :)

Attire will be way more lax for this party but, we still request that you dress In costume but, it is not mandatory.


At this point of the game......who cares what you are wearing. :)

~ Get your knives out to carve a jack-o-lantern and use some of these naughty pumpkins as inspiration...and if you live in New York, Los Angeles, or Seattle, you can bring those extra naughty creations down to Babeland and enter them in their annual Sexy Jack-O-Lantern Contest. The winners get Babeland gift certificates, and entries are being accepted through Tuesday.

~ As always, we suggest that you have safe sex this Halloween too. Try some fun condoms from Condomania:

And of course, there's some cool stuff going on with our myspace friends too...

~ The Intagibles will be playing a Halloween Eve show (October 30th) at Kenny's Castaways.

~ Harsh Reality will be performing at a bunch of awesome Halloween parties in Minnesota and Wisconsin between the 26th to the 31st, including a "Sex and Death Hell-o-ween" party.

Check their website for details. (Thanks to MN Bi Gals Club for the info on those events).

~On October 28th, you can check out the New England Punk Goth & Metal Festival at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. To purchase tickets visit the website or call Dirtnap Entertainment at 1-508-731-0337. Skull Toboggan will be performing.

You can also catch them as part of the ongoing Dr. Chud's X-Ward "Nurses and Curses" Halloween Tour. Check the website for bands performing and cities/dates. (The tour hits Worcester on November 2 at Ralph's Diner).

~ Forgo Famine is playing at Friday the 26th a Halloween Party at London Billards in Worcester, MA. We recommend going just for the contest for "sluttiest and/or best costume". At least they're straight to the point.

~ And even though it isn't technically Halloween related... it's a good cause (and we think Raz is awesome)... so... don't forget that Breastival is November 2nd at the House of Bricks in Des Moines, Iowa.

~ Instead of typical trick-or-treat fare, give your partner some extra special candy...

(Yes, those are just regular Pop Rocks. If you don't know why those are included, then you have to click here).

~If you consider yourself a pagan/neopagan/Wiccan/witch/whatever the hell label you like...Happy Samhain! Have a blessed and magickal (and evil and slutty) day.

October 23, 2007



Of course, they are spoilers of a movie that came out like four years ago. So if anyone out there actually still hasn't seen it (or at least had the ending revealed to you) by now... well, then I'm doing you a huge favor by spoiling it for you... because it fucking sucked. Having said that... do not rent Gothika. I don't care if you think "oh it's October... it's almost Halloween... I should rent something vaguely scary starring someone vaguely hot..." Do NOT rent Gothika.

I'll admit it was kind of fun and scary in a so-bad-it's-almost-good-but-not-quite-good way, but it was so implausible. I mean, I can suspend my disbelief that yes, maybe there are ghosts and maybe all the supernatural stuff in this film could happen. However, it was the "real life" details that totally ruined it for me. Kind of how I hated the Lake House... I could suspend my disbelief that maybe Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock really are having a pen pal relationship through time, but I couldn't suspend my disbelief to accept that the ending was plausible. (I won't give that one away, but really, I should, because it also sucked).

Maybe it's the writer in me (or the cynic in me).

Now in case you really don't know what Gothika is about... here is the synopsis, provided by the Internet Movie Database:

Dr. Miranda Grey (Berry) is a brilliant criminal psychiatrist. However, after a auto accident, she wakes up only to find that she has been convicted for the murder of her husband Doug. With only fragmented memories of the alleged crime, she begins to dig deeper into her husband's past. Meanwhile she is being haunted by the ghost of a girl called Rachel who is seemingly trying to convey a message to her with the phrase 'not alone.' As Miranda learns more about her husband with clues from Rachel, she realizes that Doug is not who he seems at all.

I was sort of hungover and tired when I watched it, so I apologize in advance if anything I'm about to post here doesn't make sense... but here is my review of Gothika. Actually it isn't so much a "review" as it is a list of things "wrong" with the film (in my opinion).

  • First off, "Gothika". What the fuck is with the title, huh? No idea. Can anyone enlighten me? Maybe it is supposed to be related to the word "gothic" (as defined: "characterized by a gloomy setting, grotesque, mysterious, or violent events, and an atmosphere of degeneration and decay"). But that doesn't explain the trendy spelling or why the title is never explained/alluded to in the movie.
  • Halle Berry's character Miranda is married to Charles S. Dutton (yes, "Roc"). In what universe could this pairing be possible? I mean, really? I could understand if she was a gold digger or something, but she's a respected psychiatrist. And we can rule out the guess that maybe old, fat, bald men are her "type" (as they are for some women) because it is mentioned in the film that there was a mutual (but unrequited) attraction between Miranda and her colleague, played by Robert Downey, Jr. So clearly her type is druggie white guys with full heads of hair and sexy facial stubble.
  • In one scene Miranda decides to take a swim in the mental institution/penitentiary, during a terrible rainstorm, late late at night, knowing that they are prone to blackouts. Sure. Who does that? Nothing major comes of this scene, so it's not even important... but I just couldn't buy it.
  • When Miranda apparently "goes crazy", she is hospitalized in her own hospital? First of all, it would be a total conflict of interest for her to be treated by her friends and co-workers. Secondly, it would put her in serious danger to have her in the general population with patients she was treating just a few days ago! If a prison guard suddenly murdered someone, you wouldn't put him in a cell the next day with an inmate he used to guard! (Robert Downey Jr's character tries to cover this plot hole by saying they were given a "waiver" to allow it, while waiting for a transfer to another hospital, but it's still ridiculous. It would never happen, which makes the whole movie impossible in my mind).
  • To elaborate on the ridiculousness of the above issue... All of her colleagues thought she was a brilliant doctor only days ago, but now they patronize her and treat her likes she's crazy. I mean, yes, they think she killed her husband and she is acting pretty damn crazy talking about ghosts and shit... but could their opinions of her really change so quickly? Why doesn't anyone believe that she didn't commit the crime (axing-up her husband)? Even though she was all bloody with the ax, she was found having severe seizures at the scene and was comatose for days before regaining her consciousness. Everyone (even her friends and family) can easily assume she murdered him, regardless of her reputation?
  • The "ghost" (the girl she sees on the bridge, who later possesses her, etc.) is a girl who we later find out was murdered by Miranda's husband four years ago. Four Years Ago. What the fuck was she waiting for all these years? She obviously was powerful enough to possess Miranda and haunt a hospital. Why does it take the ghost four years to do something about it?
  • Penelope Cruz's character, Chloe, keeps talking about being raped by the Devil in her cell late at night. Of course no one ever believes her and say she is "embellishing her rape story" (she was hospitalized after murdering her rapist stepfather, which is fucked up enough... since when does self-defense mean you're crazy, but I digress). My question is, why doesn't anyone ever check her for signs of rape? This is a hospital, is it not? I mean, obviously she wasn't raped by the Devil, but no one ever investigates at all to see if she is being abused. Just because someone is mentally ill, it doesn't mean that everything they say is completely fiction. More likely, it's fiction based on fact (if that makes sense)... so I find it hard to believe that they would let something like that go on for so long.
  • While Miranda is locked up, her husband's best friend (and the town sheriff) "Bob" comes to talk to her. It is revealed that he was her husband's partner-in-crime. He's ready to kill her because apparently she "knows too much". (Cliche!) Even though less than day earlier, no one believes her at all... they think she's insane and a murderer. Now all of a sudden she's credible enough that he has to worry about her tattling on him?
  • Elaborating on that, he's ready to give her an injection so he can (quote) "have more fun with you" than her husband ever did... and then kill her. How exactly is he going to explain that? "I drugged and raped her in self defense while she was trying to escape!" Okay.
  • And while we're talking about Bob... The two main criminals/murderers (Miranda's husband and Bob) are respectively, a doctor in a psychiatric penitentiary and the town sheriff. No one finds this a little ironic/coincidental that the two biggest killers in town are two of the most powerful men in town? Actually I guess that's not so hard to believe. What irks me is that the they apparently started their evil-doing as teenagers... Isn't it convenient that they both ended up in positions of such power?
  • Of course, Miranda gets away from Bob, thanks to the ghost, who burns him up. And then in what can only be called "overkill", Miranda unnecessarily shoots him. Now if the ghost was capable of doing that to him, why did she need to use Miranda to murder the other guy (and potentially ruin her life in the process)? I guess the movie would be a lot less exciting if it was only five minutes long and just consisted of a pissed off ghost killing two fat dudes... but from a realistic standpoint: did she really need to drag it out like that? She's obviously powerful enough to possess a human being, slam poor Miranda around the room, and open cell doors without a key... couldn't she have just had Bob and the husband commit double suicide? Or confess? Or just spontaneously combust? (Well, yes, she did that to Bob, but only later). Did the ghost really need Miranda to set things right?
  • And okay, for argument's sake... let's say she did need Miranda. Couldn't she have come up with a more practical way of getting her point across? At one point the ghost is beating Miranda up... slamming her back and forth against the walls of her cell, etc. If she actually wanted her help, what good would beating her up and almost killing her do? Maybe the ghost is trying to "beat some sense" into Miranda, but please... it's ridiculous and unnecessary. For a ghost who is not supposed to be an "evil spirit", but in fact the victim, trying to set things right... she sure is being a fucking bitch. I can't imagine being like "gee, this ghost has landed me in a mental institution and is really beating the crap out of me right now...I sure wish I could do something to help her!" Also, if the ghost is able to write cryptic messages on the walls (and in Miranda's flesh) like "Not Alone"... why doesn't she just write "Hey, your husband and Bob killed me and I'm not the only one."?
  • After Miranda helps find the last victim and reveals her husband's and Bob's criminal behavior, she is released. Um, what? She still killed her husband, escaped from a mental institution, and shot the sheriff (ooh, nice). And of course, she blames it all on fucking ghosts to make it even more believable. Even if they believe her that she's not crazy, why isn't she transferred to regular jail? Even if she was possessed when she murdered her husband, she still did it (and inexplicably killed Bob as well). Just because they turned out to be a "bad guys" instead of "good guys"... doesn't mean she didn't still kill them. She didn't ax-up her husband in self-defense; it was spirit-induced vigilantism. And if she tells anyone that, she's... crazy. How the hell does she get away with it!? Whoever her lawyers were, I've got to hire them the next time I'm possessed by a murderous ghost.
  • At the end, we see Miranda... free, on the street, saying goodbye to Chloe (who is getting on a bus). Chloe thanks Miranda for helping her and believing her when no one else did. Aw, what a wonderful sweet moment... but wait... how the hell was Chloe also released!? She slit the throat of her stepfather and said she was being raped by the Devil. Okay, so she wasn't lying about the rape part... but it wasn't actually the Devil now was it? She's still a murderer and she's still crazy. She can't even use the "I was possessed by a ghost" defense that Miranda has.
Totally ridiculous movie.

Now in my general daily life, I don't believe ghosts can possess human bodies and murder people. However, I can enjoy a movie in which that is the premise because I suspend my disbelief for the sake of entertainment. In order for me to suspend my disbelief and pretend that these things are possible, the overall content of the movie should be somewhat believable. And this one was just... not. And even if I was going to go so far as to suspend my disbelief further and not let the endless plot holes bother me... the acting was shitty, the dialogue was lame, the camera work was trying too hard, and the "spookiness" was often hacky. Ooooh the lights are flickering! I'm scared! I think the only redeeming part of the movie is the semi-unnecessary group shower scene but there isn't even enough nudity to make it worth the price of rental.

My advice is: if you want to see Halle Berry in a scary movie, rent Monster's Ball and watch her get fucked by Billy Bob Thorton. That scene still gives me chills.

October 21, 2007

Big Hair Mania

Even though this is obviously an event for a worthy cause (HIV awareness and the Minnesota AIDS Project)... we also like it because the concept is just awesome. And because we're nostalgic for Heather from Rock of Love, so anything about "big hair" gets me a little psyched.

We found this event from a myspace bulletin posted by MN Bi Gals Club, so if you're in the Minneapolis area on October 27th, you should check it out!

This year’s Big Hair Mania will be held on Saturday, October 27th at the Soap Factory near St. Anthony Main in Minneapolis.

After taking a one-year hiatus, the annual event is back with a fresh twist and will draw a diverse crowd of Minnesota AIDS Project supporters. Thanks to local salons, the evening will largely revolve around an all-hair runway show and a performance by The Kinsey Sicks, “America’s Favorite Dragapella Beautyshop Quartet.” In addition, attendees will be able to get their hair done up “big” by professionals in the hair industry while enjoying great food and cocktails. Following the show, guests are invited to kick off their heels and dance the night away to the very best in local DJs. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness about HIV and funds for Minnesota AIDS Project.

The Soap Factory
518 Second St. S.E.

Saturday, October 27th, 2007

Ticket Price
General Admission - $45
VIP - $100
Student Rate - $25
Tickets go on sale after Labor Day!

For more info and to purchase tickets, please visit www.bighairmania.com

October 16, 2007

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Earlier this month we wrote about Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month. We believe that this is one of the most important causes there is--it's hard to care about the environment or raise awareness for breast cancer or think about why corporations should respect us more or even do silly stuff like laugh at Rock of Love when you feel unsafe or scared or alone or out of control or like you deserve to be abused. We're going to honor this cause by writing about some truly amazing women and organizations that are out there fighting to end violence against women.

~The website for the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence gives us the history of Domestic Violence Awareness Month and how it evolved from a Day of Unity that was organized back in 1981. The rest of the site is full of information and resources, both for victims of domestic violence and people who just want to learn and help. Just one example--got an old cell phone laying around? Donate it to a program that provides phones to victims of violence so that they may have the chance to call for help in an emergency situation.

~Eve Ensler is an anti-violence goddess. She is the founder of V-Day, a global movement to end violence against women and girls, which will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2008. Her creations include The Vagina Monologues, The Good Body, and A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, And A Prayer, among other things. Her work is all about what can happen when women are not afraid to tell their own stories and really listen to the stories of others. It's 'sisterhood is forever' meets 'the personal is political' meets 'speak truth to power'. (Can you tell I studied this stuff in college?) She rules.

~Many of the women who are currently in prison in this country are victims of some form of domestic violence. Some of them are in prison for crimes that are directly related to their experience of abuse--killing an abuser in self-defense is one example. The state of California has passed some unique laws that apply to women who were convicted of crimes years ago, before expert testimony about domestic violence was allowed to be presented in court. These women now have the opportunity to file a habeas petition that allows them to present this information and challenge their convictions. That's where the California Habeas Project comes in. The Habeas Project is a collaborative effort of groups like Free Battered Women and the California Women's Law Center. They raise money and coordinate legal aid to help women get their day in court and try to get out of jail.

~California may be the only state with these particular laws, but that doesn't mean that victims of violence across the country have no options. The National Clearinghouse for the Defense of Battered Women is nonprofit advocacy center that works with women who have been arrested for or convicted of crimes related to their battering. They provide information and resources to defense teams at all stages of the legal process to help improve the chances of a positive outcome. They also maintain a huge resource library and conduct training seminars for people in the criminal justice field and advocates.

~Womens eNews wrote a great piece on the history of the anti-domestic violence movement, the frustrations that some activists and organizations face, and how a master's degree program in domestic violence administration at the University of Colorado at Denver is making a difference. Many of the graduates of the program are survivors of violence themselves, and the program is designed to give students the skills to run programs and come up with creative anti-violence solutions. Consider us officially inspired.

~The National Domestic Violence Hotline is 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. If you need help, call. There is also a separate helpline for teens, the National Teen Dating Abuse Helpline. "Teens and parents anywhere in the country can call toll free, 866-331-9474 or log on to the interactive Web site, loveisrespect.org, and receive immediate, confidential assistance. In addition to a toll-free phone line, loveisrepect.org will be the first interactive dating abuse website, staffed by trained advocates, where teens can write and immediately get assistance in a one-on-one private chat room."

It's not ever okay, and it can change if we change it together. It's not easy, but it's that simple.

October 15, 2007

Blogging for the Environment

October 15 is Blog Action Day and this year's theme is the environment.

Of course, we had to think... how does an evil slut show her concern for the environment? We thought about maybe explaining the best ways to have sex in an electric car, but that wouldn't necessarily help the environment. We thought about maybe naming Al Gore an honorary evil slut, but he's kinda busy with that whole Nobel Prize thing right now.

So we decided to just bring you some of our favorite Evil Slutty Environmental Organizations, People, Programs and Ideas...


Even though there is a lot of controversy about People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and we definitely don't agree with a lot of their tactics, they have definitely done a lot of good. Thanks to some of their crazy antics and questionable behavior, PETA is one of the most famous animal rights organizations out there right now. The reason they make our list though is because they are constantly making celebrities get NAKED! And what is sluttier than that? Recent examples include Alicia Silverstone's PSA about Vegetarianism, Dita Von Teese getting all sexy as usual for spaying and neutering, and their on-going "I'd rather go naked than wear fur"campaign.

Green is Sexy

We might have chosen "Green is Sexy" to be on the list just for the name alone, but they really do have some great stuff to say on their website. Started by actress Rachel McAdams and friends, the site offers lots of helpful tips and reminds us that:
Being informed is sexy.
Being responsible is sexy.
Being eco-friendly is sexy.
Making a difference is sexy.
is sexy.

Stella McCartney

In addition to her work with PETA and her ongoing activism in the fashion industry, she has a complete line of animal-free clothing (including
vegan shoes and bags) and a 100% organic skincare line called CARE. (As if that wasn't enough, CARE's packaging is made with all recyclable materials and McCartney has a Recycle Program in which she encourages people to send the products back to continue the recycling).

Erin Brockovich

woman who inspired the Julia Roberts' film Erin Brockovich back in 2000 is still an activist and now travels the country speaking about personal empowerment. She has been called "the environmentalist with cleavage", which strikes us as pretty patronizing and obnoxious (unless we're the ones saying it, because we know we mean it in an awesome way). I guess this means that some people think that 'environmentalist' or 'activist' and 'attractive woman with cleavage' are mutually exclusive categories. Guess that means we'll all just have to get even louder.

Other Awesome Activist Women

While we're on the subject of awesome activist women, Winona LaDuke was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls earlier this month. She was the Green Party's candidate for Vice President in 1996 and 2000, and has "dedicated her life to protecting the earth, advocating for renewable energy resources, and protecting and preserving American Indian cultures". She organized Honor the Earth, which focuses on Native American environmental justice causes. And Al Gore just may owe a little something to Wangari Maathai. In 2004 she became the first African woman, and the first environmentalist, to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Other Women Working Together...

There are a number of environmental groups out there made up of strong, opinionated women making a difference:
  • Women's Voices for the Earth (WVE) is a national, women-centered environmental health and justice organization that works to eliminate or substantially reduce environmental toxics impacting human health and to increase women’s participation in environmental decision-making.
  • Women's Environment and Development Organization is an international organization that advocates for women’s equality in global policy. Working in key global forums such as the UN, WEDO advocates for and seeks to empower women as decision makers to achieve economic, social and gender justice, a healthy, peaceful planet and human rights for all. WEDO accomplishes its work through four program areas: Economic & Social Justice, Gender & Governance, Sustainable Development & U.S. Global Policy.
  • Women's Environmental Network (WEN) is a UK organization working consistently for women and the environment. Their vision is of a world where "women are aware of their ability to change the environment for the better and actively come together to do so". They aim to empower women to make positive environmental change, increase awareness of women's perspectives on environmental issues, and influence decision-making to achieve environmental justice for women.
  • Forum of Women in the Environmental Field is a professional organization for women with careers in the environment; public and private sectors. The Forum provides current information on environmental topics, builds personal and professional networks, encourages and supports women and promotes a better understanding of an individual's role in preserving and improving the environment.

Thongs for the Amazon

Yeah we were as disappointed as anyone when we realized that model Gisele Bundchen's line of thongs she's selling to raise money to clean up the Amazon River Basin... were actually flip-flops. Oh well, it's still a pretty good cause. Gisele will donate a portion of all sandals sales towards
preserving the headwaters of the Xingu river, in the Amazon.


For those of you who are still skeptical that going green can be slutty, head over to Babeland and check out the Eco-Sexy Kit, which includes a "body friendly" vibrator and some all-natural lube and other goodies.

October 14, 2007

Sex, Wine and Chocolate

This event was posted in a bulletin by our myspace friend Amber. It sounds like a cool idea and we kinda wish we were in Georgia so we could check it out. Because really, who doesn't like sex.... or wine... or chocolate... or all three... especially when it's for a good cause!

Sex, Wine and Chocolate is a sex-positive cabaret fundraiser for Georgians for Choice and Generation Five's Atlanta Transformative Justice Colalborative. On October 18, you can join them at at The Solarium at Historic Scottish Rite in Decatur for a night of "sex-positive, sexy, decadent fun!"

Enjoy a spread of free desserts and chocolates, a donation bar, performances by sexy artists, luscious models, prize drawings (tickets $5 each), goody bags and MORE.

Doors open at 7pm. Show begins at 8pm.


* THE BOOM BOOM COLLECTIVE Women of Color Burlesque Troupe
* Spoken Word By NYROBI MOSS


* Lingerie Fashion Show with APHRODITE'S TOY BOX and POLELATEAZ
* Vegan Desserts from LA DOLCE LULU
* Cupcakes by SWEET POCKETS www.sweet-pockets.com


* Grand Prize: 3 Night Stay at SAND CASTLE ON THE BEACH HOTEL & RESORT, ST. CROIX, US VIRGIN ISLANDS. www.sandcastleonthebeach.com
* IPOD VIDEO NANO--Only For Prize Drawing Tickets Bought in Advance.
* Classes from POLELATEAZ...Atlanta's Best Pole and Sensual Dance Studio. www.polelateaz.com
* THEMIS Personal Organizing Gift certificate. www.themisorganizingservice.com
* SMART GLASS Jewelry by Kathleen Plate: www.smartglassjewelry.com
* 1 Hour Health Consultation from SUSTAINABLE WELLNESS www.sustainable-wellness.com.
* Jewelry by SHIRIN STYLE.
* Additional prizes from DR. SKETCHY'S, APHRODITIE'S TOY BOX, and MORE!
Tickets: Suggested Donation $25 - $50
(no one will be turned away for lack of funds)
We cannot do this work with out the support of activists, friends and committed community members like YOU. Your money will go to support the work of two AMAZING organizations working for reproductive justice and ending child sexual abuse here in Georgia!

Our goal is to raise $10,000 so bring your friends & your check book!

Can't make it? Donate a ticket! You do not have to be present to win prizes!

New IPOD VIDEO NANO--Only For Prize Drawing Tickets Bought Online ($5 each)!

Contact miamingus@gmail.com or call 404-532-0022 for more information and or if you'd like to volunteer at the event. (They also need volunteers for preparation on October 17th from 3:00-7:00! Get in touch to RSVP).

October 12, 2007

If you can't find it there, you can't find it anywhere...

Random awesome stuff I found on Craigslist this week:

I am looking for a woman who wants to get pregnant, and does NOT want to go to a sperm bank (i hear that they are VERY expensive)

I am a drug/disease free man, the father of one son who is VERY healthy and does very well in school.

You can be any age/race/religious denomination, and my level of involvement is entirely up to you

Computer Repair, in exchange for sexual favors:
I was just helping out a lady friend with computer problems and we started thinking that that theres probably a lot of people out there that need computer help without much money but would want to trade instead...

I have about 20 years experience fixing computers (started young) and I work freelance at a couple of firms in the city. I do it all:

hardware repair
virus & spyware removal
software installation
wireless setup
printer install
computer migration
new computer setup

Free animals (as long as I promise not to feed them to any other animals):
I have a free hamster in a 10 gallon tank with accessories. This is not for snake or rodent food. Looking for a good home!!

I have a friend who is giving away 2 guinee pigs with cage (they are 3 years old and healthy)...she also has 3 cats for adoption. Again not to be used for food for snakes or any other animal consumption.

Free candy, from strangers:
Bought a bunch of candy for Halloween in bulk, and while I thought I was ordering 12 boxed of lollipops I actually ordered 12 crates, which each have 12 boxes in them.

Long story short I have 144 casses of 24 oz. Whilry pops Taking up half of my apartment. It's really cluttering up all the video games, soda, sports equipment, and other fun stuff I have.

I could bring them to you any weekeday between 9AM and 2PM (I work nights) or you could come by and pick them up any night(I work from home).

You can take just 1 or as many as 11 cases!

Used panties and pantyhose:
Hello there~ I am a sweet little schoolgirl with lots of lacy used, freshly worn panties for you. $100 for two pairs, including polaroids of me wearing them. i am not a flake or a fake. very discrete.

A Hair-brushing buddy:
Looking for a nice woman to brush my hair and enjoy doing so.
I won't lie, it's very pleasurable to have my head brushed by a woman. Or group of women. And in some cases arousing. But, there's no fun in it doing it myself.

So, an open invitation to women of any race age color creed etc.
Come , please brush my hair.

If you enjoy it thoroughly, I'll even give you permission to tug and twirl. You can even whip out your own heater, or use my flat iron. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

I can host , you can host, at anytime.

I request politely that you be somewhat sane and please be clean. Don't want the area to be smelling like someone decided to drink too much milk.

Free bathroom cleaning (all I need to do is let them take a bath!):
I take a shower every day however, alas, no bathtub. My fantasy is to take a long, hot bath with my lotions and potions in your beautiful bathtub. In exchange, I will clean your ENTIRE bathroom!

Where else would I post an unusual request like this? It seems to me this is the best place to pursue my intrepid barter exchange.

There must be someone out there who has a beautiful bathtub... like an antique claw-foot, or a sleek marble sanctuary... and is understanding enough to realize I am utterly serious in my proposal. What you take for granted as a part of your daily routine is my enduring fantasy.

"Donations", just for being "pretty" and "carefree":
hi. interesting in providing generous donations to pretty carefree ladies. please forward your pics if interested. donations will be consistent and often. thanks...
Or... for putting my feet on someone's face:
just sit back and relax and rest or rub your bare feet on my face. i will lie still, unless you order me to kiss your feet, lick your feet, massage your feet or suck your toes. i will do whatever you tell me to do. i will pay you for your time and the honor of being at your feet. couples welcome, smelly and sweaty feet are no problem. very innocent, nothing in return.

These are all from real ads. I've decided - rather diplomatically, if I don't say so myself - not to provide the original links because most of the people seem well-intentioned and I don't want people to harass them just because I felt the need to mock them publicly. Now I have to go and post my own about... I'm not telling you!

October 11, 2007

Tonight and This Weekend...

Yeah, just what it says. Sometimes we'll pull out an event or two from our myspace bulletins that we think looks/sounds extra special and promote it for our myspace friends. Usually we'll just mention those that are "good causes", but sometimes a good time is enough of a good cause! So today we're just gonna list a ton of shit going on around the country this weekend and you can do what you want with that information.

New York

THURSDAY 10/11/2007
Playgirl magazine is having a party tonight in NYC to celebrate the release of their "Campus Hunks Issue". The party takes place from 7-10 at Mannahatta on Bowery. To RSVP or get more info: PGEdit@PlaygirlMag.com. (You might even win a date with Playgirl's 2007 Man of the Year).

SATURDAY 10/13/07
The Gotham Girls Roller Derby's All-Star Team goes up against the the Rose City Rollers "Wheels of Justice" (from Portland, OR) this Saturday. City College of New York's Nat Holman Gym, 138 St. & Convent Ave. (near 138th St. and Amsterdam). Doors @ 6:30 PM, Whistle @ 8:30 PM. Tickets available online (or call the Gotham Girls Hotline 646-405-9803 for more info).

Planned Parenthood of NYC has let us all know that Planned Parenthood Federation of America's Online Programs and Strategies team is currently seeking an intern for New York and Washington, DC. For info or to apply: CLICK HERE. (Do NOT contact the myspace account regarding the internship, go straight to the link and follow instructions).


FRIDAY 10/12/2007
According to Art By Girls, you can check out new artwork by Carlos A. Navarro and have some cocktails tomorrow night from 7 to 10. 2000 Ponce De Leon Blvd, 5th floor, Coral Gables.


THURSDAY 10/11/2007 and FRIDAY 10/12/2007
Good Vibrations announces the Second Annual Good Vibrations Amateur Erotic Film Competition tonight at the historic Castro Theater! Arty homemade porn, live burlesque, and a VIP party catered by Brandy Ho's. 8pm (VIP Reception at 6:30pm) 429 Castro Street in San Francisco. Buy tickets online or at all of Good Vibrations' West Coast retail store locations. For info: (415) 621-6120.

The fun continues tomorrow night when the competition moves to the Parkway Speakeasy Theater! 1834 Park Blvd in Oakland. 6:30pm and 9:15pm For tickets/ info: (510) 810-2400

A percentage of the proceeds of both shows will benefit the Center for Sex and Culture.

And don't forget that October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month so there are a lot of on-going events still happening! And again, good luck to anyone coming out today, National Coming Out Day.

This is about us!

Art imitates life imitates art...?

To find out what happens next... go to I Read While He Plays Video Games

October 10, 2007

Tomorrow is National Coming Out Day

National Coming Out Day is tomorrow, October 11!

National Coming Out Day was founded by Robert Eichberg and Jean O'Leary on October 11, 1988 in celebration of the first gay march on Washington D.C. a year earlier. The purpose of the march and of National Coming Out Day is to promote government and public awareness of gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender rights and to celebrate homosexuality.

National Coming Out Day is a time to publicly display gay pride. Many choose this day to come out to their parents, friends, co-workers and themselves.

So we encourage anyone out there who is toying with the idea of coming out, to take the plunge on October 11th! In honor of this special, gay occasion, we've compiled a list of our favorite openly gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered celebrities/public figures. We're not going to bother listing designers, because we don't have enough bandwidth for that.

To learn about homosexual politicians and public officials go to victoryfund.org

  • Lance Bass, formerly of 'NSync, came out on the cover of People magazine in 2006.
  • Neil Patrick Harris, America's favorite fictional teenager doctor (Doogie Howser), came out last November.
  • Ellen Degeneres was lucky enough to come out twice... sort of. She came out in February 1997 and then later her character, named "Ellen", came out on her sitcom, also named... Ellen.
  • Alan Cumming has been quoted as calling himself "bisexual". He's really just on this list because of the name. Best name ever.
  • Alan Ball (another great name), the creator of Six Feet Under, is openly gay.
  • Alexis Arquette makes the list because you have to pretty cool to document your sex change operation on TV. Attention whores are great, no matter what gender they are.
  • Rupert Everett has been openly gay (or possibly bisexual, he's been quoted as both by various "sources") for some time now. He admitted to having been a former male prostitute in 1997. This has nothing to do with him begin gay or bi, but we just think it's funny. It's our list, we'll say whatever we fucking want, okay!?
  • George Takei (Star Trek), came out in 2007 at age 68. Sulu rocks!
  • Sir Ian McKellen came out in 1988 in reaction to an anti-gay rights legal proposal in England. Talk about awesome.
  • Lily Tomlin, before officially coming out, was known for her involvement in feminist and gay-friendly productions.
  • Anthony Rapp makes this list because we love Rent. We admit it. We do. We like to sing along to the soundtrack in the car. Don't judge us.
  • Genius cult-filmmaker John Waters is gay. Do we even need to explain why we adore him? I didn't think so.
  • Guillermo Diaz (Party Girl and Half Baked) has been openly gay throughout his career. I just found that out today. I was totally out of the loop.
  • 80's pop-star and model, Samantha Fox, admitted to being in love with her female manager in 2003. Maybe... just maybe... naughty girls need love too.
  • We're not exactly sure when Sara Gilbert (from Roseanne) came out, but it just makes me love the movie Poison Ivy even more!

We'd like to wish anyone coming out tomorrow good luck... and we'd also love to hear your own coming out stories. Leave a comment!

October 9, 2007

America's Most Smartest Model

So we actually watched America's Most Smartest Model and um... this is all we have to show for it:

(We'll spare you the images from the "Things That Smell Bad" category).

Rock of Love Reunion

Nothing we could ever write about the Rock of Love reunion could compare to what Rich has done over at the VH1 Celebreality blog. Our hero, as always. (We've stolen all of the images below from him, also as always).

So instead of a true recap, here are just our Top Ten WTF Moments of the Rock of Love Reunion.

10. Tiffany's interview segment being totally cut. How could they threaten us with a good time like that and then not follow through?

9. The fake "Bret Sucks" tattoo! We totally called it, and we love Heather for it.

8. Lacey's "singing". Enough said.

7. Rodeo declaring her undying love and affection for Bret one minute...and then pulling a bottle of Rodeo brand barbecue sauce out of thin air the next.

6. The revelation that Brandi M. has done porn?! We must find this for our next pizza and porn party. We can watch it back to
back with the Brandi C. video.

5. Brandi C. and Kristia's matching handmade dresses made from old wedding gowns. Also the fact that they (the "Barbie twins") are roommates. Tell us that's not a reality show just waiting to

Sam's HUGE necklace. Was that some sort of electronic monitoring device from her sponsor at the Center For The Treatment of Sensitive Tattooed Emo Chicks Who Have Encountered an Aging 80s Rocker in Search of Love?3. Magdalena was seen holding a guitar, but not only do we not get to find out why... we don't even get to hear from her at all. We also don't get to hear from Miss "Clown Tits" herself, Erin.

2. Dallas says she doesn't date black men.... What's funnier is this was the only comeback she could think of in response to Lacey's Michael Vick joke.

1. Both Jes and Heather had straight smooth "normal" hair. What a let down.

Of course we also have to mention the least WTF moment of them all: Jes making the not-so-surprising confession that "I think you made the wrong choice. I think Heather was the one." We knew that her tears during the finale were less "I just realized how much I truly care about this man" and more "I just realized that I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing here".

For even more inside info, check out the awesome "Part 2" interview with Jes, as well as her myspace blog. There's also a little update on what Heather and her hair are doing next.

So, who's ready for Rock of Love 2?

October 8, 2007

Comic FAQs

We've been getting a lot of comments and emails and questions about I Read While He Plays Video Games from people who enjoy the comics, people who don't, and even some who think they may have inspired it.

So we've compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions for you all.

October 7, 2007

We Support Planned Parenthood Aurora

Some of you may have seen the stories over the last few weeks about the legal fight over the opening of a new Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora, Illinois. To sum up, the city of Aurora told PP that they couldn't open until they investigated the building permits that were used to build the clinic. Supposedly, the issue was that PP had filed for some permits under a different name to avoid tipping off anti-choice groups too early about the new clinic. Planned Parenthood's lawyers claimed that the "investigation" was just an excuse to delay the opening and was the result of pressure from anti-choicers, who were very vocal in their opposition to the clinic. After a political and legal battle that lasted for weeks, the State Attorney found that there was no wrongdoing on Planned Parenthood's part, and the city of Aurora issued an occupancy permit for the new clinic on October 1st.

Here are some links with more info:

~Planned Parenthood of Aurora has their own blog, which has detailed coverage of the fight to open the clinic, the protesters, the supporters, and what you can do to help. There are also links to lot of great pictures and video. Leave them some comments and show your support. We will be.

~Here is a statement of support for PP released by Illinois Senator and presidential candidate Barack Obama.

~This was the statement given by Chicago area PP President Steve Trombley on the morning that the clinic finally opened.

~Coverage of one of the ringleaders of the anti-choice protests can be found on the ArchPundit blog and in a story from the Chicago Tribune. This crowd uses some crazy tactics, including photographing license plates of Planned Parenthood employees, volunteers, and patients, as well as contractors and workers involved with the building of clinics. Why? So that they can harass these people over the phone, post their private info on the internet, send them bloody fetus images in the mail, and stage protests at their homes to publicize their connection to Planned Parenthood. Thoroughly charming behavior from some fine upstanding "pro-life" citizens.

~Here's an ad taken out by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice: "We believe that women are moral decision makers".

~On taking action.

~Rosie Jimenez, the Hyde Amendment, and the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health.

~Here is something that all of us can still help with. Anti-choice protesters are using a vacant lot near the new clinic to protest and harass Planned Parenthood patients and employees. They are taking photos and writing notes about patients entering the clinic. This lot is owned by Dominick's, a Safeway store (Safeway tried at one point to claim that they did not own the lot, but the paper trail seems to prove otherwise). This is private property and Safeway has the right to tell these protesters that they can't use the lot to intimidate and harass people who are just seeking out legal medical care. As this part of the story has started making the rounds, many people have decided to call Dominick's/Safeway directly and express their anger and concern about Safeway's inaction on this issue.

Dominick's Ethics Hotline # is 1-866-239-1376. You can call the store directly at 630-236-0683. But the best thing seems to be calling the corporate offices in Pleasanton at 925-467-3000. (When you call, they may ask for the zip code of the Aurora store, which is 60504.) You can also email Business.Ethics@safeway.com.

Go ahead and call or email. You know you want to. People like this shouldn't be allowed to intimidate us, and the staff and volunteers of PP Aurora are awesome for all that they've done to get this clinic open and get health care to women who need it.

October 6, 2007

Hair of Love

Everybody loves Rock of Love. We'd like to imagine that if the actual couple that we based these comics on was still speaking to us, they'd tell us that they too love Rock of Love. (And that Jes is pretty hot).

To be continued...

To find out what happened next:
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