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October 15, 2007

Blogging for the Environment

October 15 is Blog Action Day and this year's theme is the environment.

Of course, we had to think... how does an evil slut show her concern for the environment? We thought about maybe explaining the best ways to have sex in an electric car, but that wouldn't necessarily help the environment. We thought about maybe naming Al Gore an honorary evil slut, but he's kinda busy with that whole Nobel Prize thing right now.

So we decided to just bring you some of our favorite Evil Slutty Environmental Organizations, People, Programs and Ideas...


Even though there is a lot of controversy about People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) and we definitely don't agree with a lot of their tactics, they have definitely done a lot of good. Thanks to some of their crazy antics and questionable behavior, PETA is one of the most famous animal rights organizations out there right now. The reason they make our list though is because they are constantly making celebrities get NAKED! And what is sluttier than that? Recent examples include Alicia Silverstone's PSA about Vegetarianism, Dita Von Teese getting all sexy as usual for spaying and neutering, and their on-going "I'd rather go naked than wear fur"campaign.

Green is Sexy

We might have chosen "Green is Sexy" to be on the list just for the name alone, but they really do have some great stuff to say on their website. Started by actress Rachel McAdams and friends, the site offers lots of helpful tips and reminds us that:
Being informed is sexy.
Being responsible is sexy.
Being eco-friendly is sexy.
Making a difference is sexy.
is sexy.

Stella McCartney

In addition to her work with PETA and her ongoing activism in the fashion industry, she has a complete line of animal-free clothing (including
vegan shoes and bags) and a 100% organic skincare line called CARE. (As if that wasn't enough, CARE's packaging is made with all recyclable materials and McCartney has a Recycle Program in which she encourages people to send the products back to continue the recycling).

Erin Brockovich

woman who inspired the Julia Roberts' film Erin Brockovich back in 2000 is still an activist and now travels the country speaking about personal empowerment. She has been called "the environmentalist with cleavage", which strikes us as pretty patronizing and obnoxious (unless we're the ones saying it, because we know we mean it in an awesome way). I guess this means that some people think that 'environmentalist' or 'activist' and 'attractive woman with cleavage' are mutually exclusive categories. Guess that means we'll all just have to get even louder.

Other Awesome Activist Women

While we're on the subject of awesome activist women, Winona LaDuke was inducted into the National Women's Hall of Fame in Seneca Falls earlier this month. She was the Green Party's candidate for Vice President in 1996 and 2000, and has "dedicated her life to protecting the earth, advocating for renewable energy resources, and protecting and preserving American Indian cultures". She organized Honor the Earth, which focuses on Native American environmental justice causes. And Al Gore just may owe a little something to Wangari Maathai. In 2004 she became the first African woman, and the first environmentalist, to win the Nobel Peace Prize.

Other Women Working Together...

There are a number of environmental groups out there made up of strong, opinionated women making a difference:
  • Women's Voices for the Earth (WVE) is a national, women-centered environmental health and justice organization that works to eliminate or substantially reduce environmental toxics impacting human health and to increase women’s participation in environmental decision-making.
  • Women's Environment and Development Organization is an international organization that advocates for women’s equality in global policy. Working in key global forums such as the UN, WEDO advocates for and seeks to empower women as decision makers to achieve economic, social and gender justice, a healthy, peaceful planet and human rights for all. WEDO accomplishes its work through four program areas: Economic & Social Justice, Gender & Governance, Sustainable Development & U.S. Global Policy.
  • Women's Environmental Network (WEN) is a UK organization working consistently for women and the environment. Their vision is of a world where "women are aware of their ability to change the environment for the better and actively come together to do so". They aim to empower women to make positive environmental change, increase awareness of women's perspectives on environmental issues, and influence decision-making to achieve environmental justice for women.
  • Forum of Women in the Environmental Field is a professional organization for women with careers in the environment; public and private sectors. The Forum provides current information on environmental topics, builds personal and professional networks, encourages and supports women and promotes a better understanding of an individual's role in preserving and improving the environment.

Thongs for the Amazon

Yeah we were as disappointed as anyone when we realized that model Gisele Bundchen's line of thongs she's selling to raise money to clean up the Amazon River Basin... were actually flip-flops. Oh well, it's still a pretty good cause. Gisele will donate a portion of all sandals sales towards
preserving the headwaters of the Xingu river, in the Amazon.


For those of you who are still skeptical that going green can be slutty, head over to Babeland and check out the Eco-Sexy Kit, which includes a "body friendly" vibrator and some all-natural lube and other goodies.

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You girls should totally start your own thongs-for-the-environment fundraiser! I'd buy them!!