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October 25, 2007


Halloween is quite possibly the ESC's favorite holiday. Why? Oh there are so many reasons:

It's kind of okay to be a little evil on Halloween. In fact, it's expected. It's also acceptable to be as slutty as you want on Halloween. (Of course, we're always as evil and slutty as we want... but on Halloween a lot more people join in on it). Costumes are fun! Who doesn't want to try on a different persona for a day? (What, do you think Lilith and Jezebel are our real names?) And the best reason of all.... free candy!

So what is there to do to celebrate this holiday in style? After the NYC Village Halloween Parade this year, the Evil Slut Clique will be partying our asses off once again at the annual Motherfucker Halloween party (held this year at Rebel).

But what else is there to do? As always, we have some awesome suggestions (in completely random order).

~Rent the ultimate Halloween movie... Halloween, any of the endless sequels or check out the Rob Zombie remake. (Just don't rent Gothika unless you want to be scared by how bad it is).

~ Watch this cute video short from Nick Termini called Hell Hath No Fury.

~ Want to decorate your house (or crypt) a little darker? Visit Gothic Martha Stewart and goth-it-up!

~ Check out Hollyween, a collection of original artwork by over 50 artists presented by Daniel Franzese at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery in LA.

~ Watch It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown video as re-dubbed by Eric Striffler. (We admit that we were totally freaked out when we realized this evil genius was only 16. So um, officially he can't even read our blog... but check it out, it's awesomely twisted).

~ You can enjoy Bryan Scary and the Shredding Tears at the Scaryville Circus Halloween Party, October 31st in Brooklyn, NY. Acts also include Everthus the Deadbeats and Everything Now, as well as a burlesque show, sword jugglers, graffiti writers, fire twirlers and more. (Also, there's an open bar, sweet!) Check the website for details and RSVP (RSVP does not guarantee admission).

Click Here

~ If you're in Minnesota this weekend, dress up like Heather from Rock of Love and go to Big Hair Mania on October 27th.

~ On November 3rd, you can see our favorite roller derby chicks go head to head in a Bridge-and-Tunnel bout at Hunter College Sportsplex in Manhattan (68th and Lexington). Brooklyn Bombshells vs. Long Island Roller Rebels and Manhattan Mayhem vs. Hub City Hellrazors (New Jersey Dirty Dames All Stars).

(The Gotham Girls Roller Derby league is apparently also having a Halloween-recovery party on November 1st at the Galapagos Art Space).

~ Need a last minute costume? Do we even really have to suggest "wear something sexy"? Come on. You already know that. Not sure where to shop? We could give you about 1,000 links... but we won't. Here are just a few of our favorites:

(We actually like to shop there all year round, but October is extra awesome obviously).

~ If you're in the Los Angeles area, celebrate Dia de Los Muertos at one of the many "Day of the Dead" Celebrations. (The San Francisco Day of the Dead Parade takes place on November 2nd, beginning in the Mission District).

~ On October 27th you can join in on the 8th annual Victorian Fetish Ball in both Denver (Tabu/Alley Cat Nightclub and Diamond Cabaret) and Minneapolis (Shrek's Palace Royal). This is a "costume MANDATORY event" according to their website, which we had a brief giggle at over their guidelines. (Whatever you do, don't forget your thong!)

The Victorian Fetish Ball originated as a Halloween event where everyone would be in costume to add energy to the night. With everyone in costume you can let your alter ego fly free!

Any costume is technically a fetish so what ever makes you feel sensual and erotic is the way to go.


Denver: Law states that the nipple and bottom of the breast must be covered as well as the glutteal crease (butt crack) anything else is fair game. There are stages for those of you that want to show off topless and in thongs.

Minneapolis: Law states that all you need is to make sure all genitalia is covered and no pubic hair shows. So make sure you have a thong. :)

Attire will be way more lax for this party but, we still request that you dress In costume but, it is not mandatory.


At this point of the game......who cares what you are wearing. :)

~ Get your knives out to carve a jack-o-lantern and use some of these naughty pumpkins as inspiration...and if you live in New York, Los Angeles, or Seattle, you can bring those extra naughty creations down to Babeland and enter them in their annual Sexy Jack-O-Lantern Contest. The winners get Babeland gift certificates, and entries are being accepted through Tuesday.

~ As always, we suggest that you have safe sex this Halloween too. Try some fun condoms from Condomania:

And of course, there's some cool stuff going on with our myspace friends too...

~ The Intagibles will be playing a Halloween Eve show (October 30th) at Kenny's Castaways.

~ Harsh Reality will be performing at a bunch of awesome Halloween parties in Minnesota and Wisconsin between the 26th to the 31st, including a "Sex and Death Hell-o-ween" party.

Check their website for details. (Thanks to MN Bi Gals Club for the info on those events).

~On October 28th, you can check out the New England Punk Goth & Metal Festival at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. To purchase tickets visit the website or call Dirtnap Entertainment at 1-508-731-0337. Skull Toboggan will be performing.

You can also catch them as part of the ongoing Dr. Chud's X-Ward "Nurses and Curses" Halloween Tour. Check the website for bands performing and cities/dates. (The tour hits Worcester on November 2 at Ralph's Diner).

~ Forgo Famine is playing at Friday the 26th a Halloween Party at London Billards in Worcester, MA. We recommend going just for the contest for "sluttiest and/or best costume". At least they're straight to the point.

~ And even though it isn't technically Halloween related... it's a good cause (and we think Raz is awesome)... so... don't forget that Breastival is November 2nd at the House of Bricks in Des Moines, Iowa.

~ Instead of typical trick-or-treat fare, give your partner some extra special candy...

(Yes, those are just regular Pop Rocks. If you don't know why those are included, then you have to click here).

~If you consider yourself a pagan/neopagan/Wiccan/witch/whatever the hell label you like...Happy Samhain! Have a blessed and magickal (and evil and slutty) day.


The Anomali said...

Happy Halloween to you to!
I'm going to be the best mermaid out there, its about time Ariel got out of Disneyland and really started living it up!

VerlyBabe said...

Here's a great site for plus size sluts that want to look sexy for Halloween (or for whatever.)


Day The Gay said...

I am sooo please you said something about Brestival! Kick ass!

Condoms said...

The custome condoms for hallween is very cool, wish that was available in Australia