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October 4, 2007

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The ESC did Race for the Cure last month and we've been looking for more interesting ways to raise awareness (and funds!) for Breast Cancer research. Since October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month we thought it'd be a good time to show you what we've found...

~First, off, just a reminder... Bring Your Own Tiara is tonight in NYC!!

Join Top Chef's Josie Smith-Malave in supporting this nation's only openly queer beauty queen, Scout Durwood, and her race for Miss USA. All excess proceeds go to "Pink in my Rainbow," Josie and Scout's all-queer chapter of Race for the Cure. (Tonight, 8pm at China 1 in NYC).

~During October (and September apparently, oops) Bella's Confections will sell their delicious gourmet fudge in signature pink Breast Cancer Awareness tins and will donate $2.00 for every tin sold to the American Breast Cancer Foundation. Each piece of fudge is made in Bella’s Confections certified kitchen and only the freshest most premium ingredients are used. Like we needed another excuse to eat chocolate?

~The Gal to Gal Foundation is dedicated to providing women diagnosed with Stage IV breast cancer with support. They are running a Virtual Walk which is a virtual community of Design-Her Gals "walking" across America. For $3 you can register and create your own "walker" and tell your story.

~Twentieth Century Fox & MGM Home Entertainment have gathered some of their best-selling movies and repackaged them in distinct pink packaging as part of their
DVDs for the Cure promotion. They are donating fifty cents from the sale of each specially packaged DVD to Susan G. Komen for the Cure and have pledged a minimum $250,000 donation.

The promotion includes twelve titles, that each carry a suggested retail price of $14.97:
An Affair to Remember, A Walk in the Clouds, Entrapment, Ever After, In Her Shoes, Legally Blonde, Mermaids, Moulin Rouge, Never Been Kissed, Say Anything, Thelma & Louise, and There's Something About Mary.

~Fashion Targets Breast Cancer is an organization started by the fashion industry to, well, target breast cancer. In a fashionable way, of course. Check out their website to see a variety of events and products that you can buy to raise money for FTBC's efforts. Or, if you're looking for something a little more functional, try something from New Balance's Lace Up For The Cure line of athletic shoes and clothing. New Balance has pledged a donation of up to $1 million dollars to Susan G. Komen for the Cure from the sales of the Lace Up line.

~Kitchen Aid will be making a donation to Susan G. Komen for the Cure any time someone buys one of their pink appliances or products as part of their on-going Cook for the Cure program.

And isn't that pink blender just adorable?

~The first week of October is the Blogger Boobie-Thon which is an annual event in which bloggers from around the world send in photos of their boobies ("covered and uncovered") to help raise money for breast cancer research.
They have raised over $35,000 in the past five years. This event ends Monday, October 8th at 11:59 pm so you don't have much time to get your boobies in!

~ One of our coolest and most favorite myspace friends, Raz, is again organizing Breastival in Iowa. Breastival, which will take place on November 2 at the House of Bricks in Des Moines is a breast cancer awareness benefit that includes live music from local bands, door prizes, a silent auction, and "beautiful breastival babes". BANDS FOR BOOBS!

~Pink for October is an initiative started in August 2006 in which sites all over the world change their templates to include the color pink, in support of breast cancer awareness. As you can see even we've gone a little bit pinker than usual for the occasion. You can find other sites going pink here. They also have many logos and banners you can download and use on your site. (The "I'm going PINK for October" icon to the right is courtesy of Lee Caglioti; the one we've got at the top of our blog is by Brian Gilham).

We could go on forever with all of these pink promotions and fundraisers, but we think you get the idea. (And if you're independently wealthy and want to support every single event there is this month, comment or email us and we'll post even more ideas.) Also, we think it's important to remember that this isn't just about buying DVDs or pink blenders...no matter how cute that blender is, and pale pink is not really my color, but it is totally cute. Anyway. Raising awareness is an awesome thing, and raising awareness and money is even better. But it's what you do once you are aware that really matters.

Buying something pink does not make you a rockstar activist. We're not saying that's a bad thing and we're not saying that we're rockstar activists either. (But we're working on it). Spend money and spread information, but also reach out to people that you know who are dealing with this disease and do your part to raise awareness for causes that aren't as "popular" as breast cancer and drag your lazy ass out of bed on a Sunday morning to come together with other women (and men and kids and dogs) and race for the cure.

You'll be glad you did, because all of those cheesy ideas about sisterhood and girl power and women coming together to make a difference? Totally true. And now that this has officially turned into an "Afterschool Special", I'm going to go get my pink blender and make some margaritas.

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