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October 9, 2007

Rock of Love Reunion

Nothing we could ever write about the Rock of Love reunion could compare to what Rich has done over at the VH1 Celebreality blog. Our hero, as always. (We've stolen all of the images below from him, also as always).

So instead of a true recap, here are just our Top Ten WTF Moments of the Rock of Love Reunion.

10. Tiffany's interview segment being totally cut. How could they threaten us with a good time like that and then not follow through?

9. The fake "Bret Sucks" tattoo! We totally called it, and we love Heather for it.

8. Lacey's "singing". Enough said.

7. Rodeo declaring her undying love and affection for Bret one minute...and then pulling a bottle of Rodeo brand barbecue sauce out of thin air the next.

6. The revelation that Brandi M. has done porn?! We must find this for our next pizza and porn party. We can watch it back to
back with the Brandi C. video.

5. Brandi C. and Kristia's matching handmade dresses made from old wedding gowns. Also the fact that they (the "Barbie twins") are roommates. Tell us that's not a reality show just waiting to

Sam's HUGE necklace. Was that some sort of electronic monitoring device from her sponsor at the Center For The Treatment of Sensitive Tattooed Emo Chicks Who Have Encountered an Aging 80s Rocker in Search of Love?3. Magdalena was seen holding a guitar, but not only do we not get to find out why... we don't even get to hear from her at all. We also don't get to hear from Miss "Clown Tits" herself, Erin.

2. Dallas says she doesn't date black men.... What's funnier is this was the only comeback she could think of in response to Lacey's Michael Vick joke.

1. Both Jes and Heather had straight smooth "normal" hair. What a let down.

Of course we also have to mention the least WTF moment of them all: Jes making the not-so-surprising confession that "I think you made the wrong choice. I think Heather was the one." We knew that her tears during the finale were less "I just realized how much I truly care about this man" and more "I just realized that I have no idea what the fuck I'm doing here".

For even more inside info, check out the awesome "Part 2" interview with Jes, as well as her myspace blog. There's also a little update on what Heather and her hair are doing next.

So, who's ready for Rock of Love 2?

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Anonymous said...

I'm actually TOTALLLLLLLLY psyched for Rock of love 2!