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November 12, 2007

The First Ever ESC Contest

To commemorate one whole year of Evil Slutty awesomeness and to thank you all for continuously stopping by (we have our stat counter going, so we know who you are)... we'd like to invite you to participate in the first ever Evil Slutopia Contest!!

You could win many fabulous prizes! No, not really. You can win one or two not-so-fabulous (but hey, we think they're cool) prizes! You will also win fame and recognition by being featured on our blog. Okay, not so much fame and recognition... but maybe up to twelve people will see your name on the Internet. That's kinda cool right? Okay, whatever... enter the goddamn contest anyway, alright!?

So here goes...

The "Dare the ESC" Contest

Just what it says: Dare the ESC.

Dare us to do something - anything - and if you win, we promise to do it and share the experience with the world. You can suggest anything you'd like to see us do/write about/take pictures of/make fun of/etc. in the upcoming year. This is your chance to have an effect on what the Evil Slut Clique does (and in turn, blogs about). Make your mark on Evil Slutopia! And if we like your idea the best, we'll send you a little something special to say thanks.

1. Submit your entry via email only, to evilslutopia@yahoo.com (DO NOT SUBMIT YOUR ENTRY AS A COMMENT).

2. You may enter as many times as you like, but please send a separate email for each entry.

3. Please put as the email subject: "Dare the ESC Contest"

4. Each entry should contain the following information:
  • Your name (or alias, if you're secretive)
  • Your email address (this will not be made public)
  • Your dare
  • How you first found out about the Evil Slut Clique
5. THE DEADLINE TO ENTER IS: December 17, 2007.

6. Do not email us "so did you choose a winner yet?" "So did I win?" "So when do I find out if I won?" or anything else like that. We can't really tell how long it will take us to judge, until we see how many entries we receive. (It's possible we'll only get like two entries and you'll know the next day that you either won or came in second place... but we're hoping that at least a few of you will enter).

7. We will not discuss the voting/judging/decision-making process with you. Be assured that there is no scientific system being used. We're gonna get together and just pick the ones we like best. Yes, it's that arbitrary.

8. After a winner has been selected you will be contacted by email and asked for a mailing address (so we can send you your prize).

9. We will then announce the winner/s on the blog and post the winning entry (and maybe a few of our favorite non-winning entries too). We'd love to hear your feedback on the entries once they're posted, but we don't want to hear "that sucks, mine was better!" because that's just being a sore loser.

10. Nothing. I just felt like the list needed a number ten.