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November 8, 2007

Forget the Election

I was all set to write a post-election entry for the blog today. Then I read this story about Tucker Carlson over at Feministing.

Tucker Carlson, in a predictable but shining moment of misogyny, told Feminist Majority Foundation president Eleanor Smeal that women shouldn't want to get involved in politics. You know, cause it's all icky and stuff.

After Smeal remarked that we should be embarrassed that the U.S. is so far behind in terms of representation of women in politics, Carlson replied, "I'm actually not embarrassed by it at all." He continued, and here's the doozy, "I don't know why that's embarrassing. You could make the counter case that most women are so sensible, they don't want to get involved in something as stupid as politics. ...They've got real things to do." You know, like cook his dinner.

I thought about it a little and wow, he is totally right. We're women, and most of our readers are women. Why are we wasting our time writing about politics? Instead we should definitely be blogging about shopping for shoes or how we can't believe the new Britney Spears album sold so many copies*, because we're women and we have "real things to do". Because participating fully and actively and equally in our own government isn't a "real thing to do". Fighting for positive change in a political system that often seems screwed up beyond repair? Not a real thing to do either. Thanks for helping me see the light, Tucker.

Okay, okay. If you're a woman who for some reason has nothing real to do and still cares about politics, below are some links to info about what went down in Tuesday's elections and some other assorted political stuff.

~Judge Teresa Carr Deni, the judge who seems to think that rape is just an occupational hazard for sex workers, was re-elected in Philadelphia. Bound, Not Gagged has ongoing coverage of the story and what people can do next.

~Emily's List has a roundup of pro-choice Democratic women who won election victories on Tuesday with the help of their Political Opportunity Program.

~The Feminist Majority Foundation reports on pro-choice election victories in Virginia. "In Virginia, 84% of the candidates endorsed by NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia were victorious." Virginia could be a key state in next years elections, and this year's results show that "Republicans now have to start worrying about Virginia. They can't take it for granted anymore".

~A ballot initiative to borrow $450 million to fund stem cell research was rejected in New Jersey. The Catholic Church and anti-abortion groups opposed the measure and will consider the defeat of the measure a victory for them, but it seems to have been more of an issue of the amount of money and debt involved.

~Pat Robertson has endorsed Rudy Giuliani for the Republican nomination for President. Just insert your own jokes here, it's almost too easy. I think the biggest joke of all is that some people are extra surprised by this because of Giuliani's pro-choice views, as if Giuliani would never be willing to "adapt" those views in order to win.

If nobody minds, we're going to keep writing about political issues. We just can't help ourselves in thinking that some of this stuff actually matters to us as young women. But we'll work on trying to come up with some more "real" things to do, just to make Grover Cleveland...sorry, I mean Tucker Carlson happy.

*No offense intended to those who do choose to blog about shoe shopping or Britney Spears, both totally legitimate topics to write about. Except for Britney Spears.

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