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November 13, 2007

"Friends of the ESC"

Sometime we like to be a little egotistical and Google ourselves (oh, that sounds dirty). So in our excessive self-Googling, we noticed some of you have added us to your "blogrolls" or "who I read" lists (or whatever else you want to call it).

So in honor of our recent anniversary (and the upcoming Thanksgiving)... we wanted to thank you all and give a little shout-out to the blogs we've found ourselves on.

In no particular order:

We'd also like to thank those of you who have linked to us in the past (including the 1,000 of you who linked to our Gardasil entries) but there are just too many of you to list.

We also noticed that quite a few of you have us in your "Top 8" on myspace. We'll give you guys a mention next time! Anyone else we've missed... sorry (let us know)! Thanks again for all the loooove!

And don't forget to enter the first ever ESC Contest!