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November 28, 2007

the sexiest things a woman can do?

This might be the dumbest thing since "Why We Have Sex".

Not too long ago we read an article on AOL in which celebrities share the sexiest things a woman can do. Our opinion is that most celebrities are apparently morons.

Just a few of our favorites:

"You want to have good skin and be blond and all that good stuff," says the non-blond singer Rihanna. Um, what?

American Idol
winner Katharine McPhee says that "Men are sexy, but I always think of women being more sexy than men, in a different kind of way". Okay then. Thanks for clearing that up Katharine. How to be sexy: be different than men.

Ginnifer Goodwin lists the following things as sexy: Paul Newman, chocolate, and the South. Hmm. OKAY.

You know what I find sexy? Not being a fucking moron!


Anonymous said...

I love this one! It reminds me of a Seinfeld rerun I saw recently. He was riffing on how men try to get women, and basically said we have millions of years experience and haven't got a clue. He talked about the construction site stereotype and then the ‘driving by a place and honking and yelling scenario’--pretty funny if you saw it. Ended with the comment that after all this time men could not come up with any better ideas as we were clueless.

Based on the items mentioned in this category, I agree--terminal stupidity is probably not that attractive to most women. Jerry was right--we don't have a clue! This attempt to list something so dumb as the ‘sexiest thing a woman can do’ is just another example. (By the way, the real answer is: To pretend to fall for our ridiculous lines and permit us to attempt to satisfy them. Works every time, and sometimes works out pretty well for everyone!)

DDoSAttack said...

Hah you tell it!

I just happened into your blog here and actually laughed out loud so I just had to leave a comment...

It is rather irritating when "stars" start talking without the aid of a script. It seems that more often than not crap just falls out of their mouths.

I guess that is why we, the public, are so surprised when we discover that a celeb is "smart"/went to a good college/tied their own shoe.

Fun read, thanks!