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December 14, 2007

Celebrate Alabama With Sex Toys

Today is the anniversary of the day Alabama became the 22nd state (in 1819). So why are we telling you this? Because as you might remember from an earlier To Choice blog entry, Alabama has banned the sale of sex toys.

The original law banning the sale of sex toys in Alabama was passed in 1998, but has gone back and forth over the years in the courts, only to make it all the way to the Supreme Court this October. Unfortunately the they declined to even hear the appeal (leaving the original ruling intact).

Last month we noticed something interesting on Babeland's blog on the subject:

Former Gubernatorial candidate Loretta Nall is proposing that people send sex toys to Troy King, the Attorney General of Alabama to encourage him not to waste money prosecuting sex toy shops.

If you don’t know. Alabama passed a law banning sex toy shops. After a lengthy appeals process, the Supreme Court finally said that they wouldn't hear the case, meaning that the law stands. Mr. King may push for a clarification to the language in the law. I’m not sure what that would mean for the case but it may allow some people to obtain toys and thus, allow the stores to remain open. It all has to do with what is considered anti-obscenity law.

If you want to send a sex toy to Mr. King, here’s his address:

Office of the Attorney General
Alabama State House
11 South Union Street, Third Floor
Montgomery, AL 36130

We should note here that a spokesperson for Mr. King has said that this is an issue that would be better addressed by clarifying the original law, and suggests that the dildos would be better directed to the 140 members of the State's Legislature. We can only imagine how many closeted gay Republican politicians would contemplate moving to Alabama if they knew about this idea.

Babeland suggests a couple of different ways to go on this one:

1. Send the most egregious, shocking, obscene sex toys you can think of in an effort to shock him into complacency

2. Send some of the best, cutest, most useful sex toys in the hope that he’ll see that not everything is a giant purple dildo and realize that things toys are useful. I suggest the Ducky, the Velvet Jewel Vibe, the Babelight and if you can afford it - any of the stainless steel or glass vibrators.

We're thinking you should send the giant purple dildos to Alabama and send the glass dildos to us. We've been looking for a new art piece for our coffee table, and they are hand-blown. (We only pointed this out because we wanted to say hand-blown. Cause it's a dildo. Get it? Oh, we're supposed to be talking about sexual issues in a mature and responsible way right now, aren't we? Sorry.) We think this would be a great way to stimulate...conversation. Like maybe about sexual health and happiness and freedom of choice, in Alabama and everywhere, for everyone.

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