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December 29, 2007

Dumb Things Guys Say: Candidates Edition

Dumb Things Guys Say #18

Recently, the AP asked all of the presidential candidates to name their most prized possession.

The answers ranged from the lame...
Former North Carolina Sen. John Edwards (laughing): "I hate these questions because they always require more thought than I have time to give them. Prized like long-term or short-term? My running shoes are very important to me."
...to the truly dumb:
Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson: "Trophy wife."
How charming! He managed to combine a good old-fashioned 'wives as property' joke with a hilarious comment about only marrying his wife for her looks. Funny stuff. Let's hope Mrs. Thompson made him sleep on the couch that night.


Anonymous said...

what was Hillary's answer? a blue semen stained dress from a teen aged white house aide sexually exploited by her husband?

Jezebel said...

Hillary didn't provide an answer, but if you want you can go ahead and critique all of the other answers if you click the link.

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