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December 20, 2007


We promise, this isn't another shopping guide!!! We've been coming off a little high-and-mighty lately giving you so many important things to think about this season. So we wanted to leave you with a few FUN holiday suggestions as well!

Lenora Claire presents "Merry Titmus" at the World of Wonder Art Gallery (6650 Hollywood Blvd, in California). The breast art show in town runs through the first week of January and will be donating a portion of the proceeds toward the fight against breast cancer. Check out a slideshow of art from the exhibition here courtesy of LA Weekly.

Lenora Claire MerryTitmas promo

Morningwood has a really fun holiday song up on their myspace right now that you can download for limited time only.

You can pay homage to the best Christmas movie of all time and get yourself a leg lamp (It's a Major Award!)

Fra-gee-lay... must be Italian.

Or rent one of the Top Ten Worst Christmas Movies of All Time (according to the "Fat Guys at the Movies" from filmschoolrejects.com).

Continue a (totally fake) "tradition" by playing hide the pickle. (It just sounds dirty).

You can buy - and then um, hide - this pickle at terryvillage.com

Remember the origins of Christmas are all about you-know-who. So have a slice of birthday cake and celebrate JESUSFEST2007 in your own way!

Jesus Dress-up Magnets from normalbobsmith.com

(Click on image to view/purchase items)

Okay, in the end, we have to give you one more meaningful piece of information:

Code Pink reminds us not to overlook what is happening in the rest of world during the frenzy of December, so they have offered a list of 10 Ways to Have a Peaceful Holiday Season. See how peace can transform your holiday experience and inspire others.

We hope you all had a happy Chanukah, Bodhi Day, and Eid ul-Adha... and have a great time celebrating Yule, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. And HAPPY NEW YEAR and other random holiday we don't know about!

And let us know how you spent your holidays this year!

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