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December 12, 2007

Shameless, just shameless.

So as you've already noticed, it's that time of year - excessive shopping time - um, we mean Holiday time! As we said yesterday, we've been giving you a lot of shopping suggestions and guides this month. Even if you're almost sick of it by now, we're still not stopping because we have a lot to say on the subject!

We hadn't realized how diverse our myspace friends were until we did a little "consumerist investigation" (translation: we browsed your bulletins, profiles, websites and promotional emails). So we figured there's no better time than right now, to throw in some shameless promotion of our "friends"!

*And we're pretty sure we left a lot of people out, because, hell, we're not organized enough to be that detailed. If you're one of our friends or loyal readers and you're selling something (or um, doing something interesting) that you think deserves some attention, leave a comment to this blog entry or send us an email. Please no outright spam though (we know you understand the difference so don't play dumb).

Anyway... in no particular order, here are some of our friends who are selling stuff that we think is pretty cool:

Leviticus Jewelry is offering 15% off all their necklaces until December 25th and The Inch Witch has adorable little pins for just $1 or less! From Goddess Life you can find clothing, jewelry, music, videos, etc. Big Cheese Crafts has cute crocheted items and Kooky Kitsch is offering 20% off of all orders of their pop-culture collectibles until December 31.

Pretty much all the bands on our friends list are selling something, be it t-shirts or CDs... we could never list everyone without getting a cramp in our hands from typing (check out our friends list yourself if you want to know about everyone else). But in the meantime, here's a semi-random and only slightly biased sampling! Buy Morningwood's CD or clothes... (and then take them off). Allyptic is selling all sorts of clothing, but we thought it was cool that they were selling thongs. We'll buy a thong from anyone, it's true. Northern State has got some stuff up on their site too; as does Skull Toboggan and Harsh Reality.

The Gotham Girls Roller Derby is selling their tees and tanks for 20% off until December 16th.And if you want to support the Long Island Roller Rebels instead, you can do that too! And who can resist the Pillow Fight League!?

CURVE Magazine's limited edition designer tee shirts are on sale right now (or just buy a subscription to the best selling lesbian magazine!) And while you're looking at magazines, you can also subscribe to or order back issues of: Venus Zine... Varla... Playgirl... and of course BUST (or just shop their Boobtique, great name!) The online magazine, Girlistic also has some items for sale through their website.

Over the Rainbow Shop has a ton of awesome pride items. Marie Maynard is a designer of "glass and fiber optical panels" (which has an uncool sounding name, but her stuff is actually really cool). Steve tells us he's selling his writing services. We're not exactly sure how you'll wrap that up and stick it under the tree, but if you want to give your loved ones a resume or press release, let him know.

Speaking of writing... Amanda is selling a series of reference books for Internet escorts (although they can totally be applied to dating and safer sex in general). We already mentioned her first book The Internet Escort's Handbook in our Reading List and book #2 - which focuses more on advertising and marketing - is on it's way soon! Other books/authors on our list include Be Good... Lily Burana... Jen and the Art of Foot Seduction... Christine Hamm... Peggy Munson... How Sassy Changed My Life... and of course Lance Bass!!!

You can get some porn from Pink Visual... and Molly Heartbreaker is selling her naughty videos on DVD for $15.99 each - or all for $40. (Don't click these links if you're at work or around children... although you really shouldn't click any links we give you at work or with children! The site is called Evil Slutopia after all).

As much as we support nudity, we love cute clothes too! Sexualiteez is selling naughty t-shirts. Evil Threads is selling... evil threads. Get it? (Yeah okay... you get it). FG Girl Apparel has clothes that say "Fungina", and really, what can be more fun than that? Plus they have an awesome slogan "think inside the box". Chickyz has some really cute stuff (we like the tiny "sport shorts" the best) and Buddha Clothing... come on, do we have to explain everything to you? It's more clothing. Just check it out. Don't be lazy.

And of course, we've got sex toys! Lots of 'em! Tantus Silicone... Cherry Bomb... Pucker Up... Good Vibrations... Babeland. Also, Jenifer from Your Pleasure Party let us know that she has over 1,200 items to choose from right now... from lotions to games to books to "bedroom adventure gear".

Obviously, the most important "sex accessory" is the condom. For designer condoms as well as clothing and other cool stuff, check out ONE Condoms. They're offering a 40% discount through December 31 (enter code HOLIDAYMS at checkout). Also, Good Time Condoms will donate 20% of all their web sales this December to the AIDS Art Alliance. You can support the AIDS Art Alliance directly by buying some of their great pride and holiday items.

Support Code Pink (and in turn, support peace and social justice!) by shopping their online store... or also support About-Face and therefore help them fulfill their mission to"equip women and girls with tools to understand and resist the harmful stereotypes of women the media disseminates". Support Flex Your Rights by buying one of their guides or "fourth amendment" t-shirts and help their ongoing public education work so everyone will know how to flex their rights during a police encounter.

And last but not least, don't forget us! Support the Evil Slut Clique!!! We're going to be adding a lot of new items to our cafepress stores this month (you can also let us know what you want to see on cafepress!)

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More coming soon!

And just in case you thought this was the last of our shopping propaganda, you're wrong. There's still a bit more coming during the lovely month of December. It's kind of funny in a way because we're all broke and not really so materialistic, but we just can't stop talking about shopping! Nah, but seriously... we know you're all out there buying stuff for friends and family and loved ones anyway, so why not find out about some cool stuff you never knew about before?


Bill said...

I now own a Morningwood CD. Thanks, ESC!

essence said...

yes this is a really funky lil way to get info across the space!
Marie Maynard not a cool name....thanks for the feedback on that can't argue however I am setting up W.A.M. Women's Art Movement which is cool (bam thank you mam) creative and business minded women coming together in London Uk...

like your work too ; )

Anonymous said...

Nooo, Marie Maynard isn't an uncool name! We meant that "glass and fiber optical panels" sounds uncool... until you actually look!