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January 27, 2008

And the award goes to....

...Fred Thompson, for his role as a presidential candidate!

On Tuesday he dropped out of the race. (There goes our idea for a "Fred Thompson can suck it" blog entry). So we just wanted to have a little memorial for his campaign...

Even though there was no way in hell we'd support him for president, he did have a lot of experience acting like he's in politics . Okay, he does have actual political experience (such as being a lobbyist from 1875 to 1992 and a Senator of Tennessee from 1994-2003) but honestly, his acting resume is a lot more impressive.

Of course, everyone knows he was the D.A. on Law and Order, but he's also a military man... having appeared in Flight of the Intruder... The Hunt for Red October... Fat Man and Little Boy... and even a few episodes of China Beach!

In addition to that, he's played senators (including "Senator Fred Thompson", that one must have been a stretch), FBI agents, and the White House Chief of Staff (in In the Line of Fire).

But the most impressive thing? He's already been president three times!

President Ulysses S. Grant in Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee, [the voice of] President Andrew Jackson in Rachel and Andrew Jackson and the fictional President Charles Ross in Last Best Chance.

Fred Thompson as President Ulysses S. Grant (with Aidan Quinn, left)

1 comment:

ruthellis said...

Hip Hip Hoohray! Came in Late and Left early. He's such a dumb fcuk!