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February 22, 2008

Conference Call

I used to hook up with two guys who knew each other. Okay, well that's an understatement. Most of the guys I used to hook up with knew each other, but this story is about just two of them. For the purpose of convenience we'll call them Guy 1 and Guy 2.

Guy 1... I had a real problem lying to him. It's not that I ever really tried lying to him; I just seemed to be really overly honest with him for no reason. It was completely and utterly impossible for me to withhold information from him (not that I really had any reason to anyway). So when Guy 2's name came up in conversation late one night... I accidentally laughed. Even though I was aware that they had a few mutual friends, I didn't realized that they knew each other well. Of course, my laughing prompted him to ask "what's so funny?" and I told him the truth. Luckily he found it amusing as well. (Yes, my trashiness is quite comical at times).

So later that night my phone rang and it was Guy 2. I started laughing hysterically and answered, "I'm busy!"

Guy 2: "Oh, you're with someone else?"
Me: "Yes, and it's someone you know."

This really didn't give him much of a clue, because as I said before I'd hooked up with other guys he knew before. So I put Guy 1 on the phone with him and they had a nice little chat about me... in front of me. When I got back on the phone Guy 2 asked, "so can I come over?"

Me: "Um, no."
Guy 2: "Tell him to go home!"
Me: "Goodnight."

I can only imagine the conversation they had about me the next day. I told them both "when you're talking shit about me later, please be somewhat complimentary... even if that means you have to lie".

They ended up getting a little competitive with each other in vying for my time and attention. If I hung out with Guy 2 one evening, I surely got grief about it from Guy 1 the next. (I fully realize that this was not a jealousy thing. I'm not that conceited. It's just the competitive nature of guys. Although it was still somewhat of an ego boost, even if an artificial one). I had to instate a "first come first serve" policy and would hang out with whichever guy called me for plans the earliest. Sometimes I would have a little contest and text message them both simultaneously and see who responded first.

Eventually I had to stop hanging out with both of them because it just got too creepy. It didn't matter really though, because there were still plenty of other guys to call (and only some were friends with them).

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